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We are so excited to be introducing you to four lovely ladies. They are all planning their weddings for 2016 and can’t wait to share their stories with you. From the anti-bride to the avid planner, we know you are going to be hooked on each and every one of their posts. Meet the We Fell In Love guest bloggers…
1. Hannah


This is Hannah. She’s marrying the lovely David in Edinburgh this year. A self-confessed anti-bride, she is shying away from a ‘theme’ and embracing a family fuelled wedding party, complete with one of her uncle’s legendary quizzes.
Spill the beans – where and when are you tying the knot?
We’re getting married on Saturday, 11th June 2016 in Edinburgh. We are having our ceremony in Lothian Chambers, followed by photographs in fabulous Edinburgh locations (like the Royal Mile and the Castle); hopefully the Scottish weather will be kind to us! We’re holding our drinks reception in Contini Cannonball restaurant, a beautiful listed building with views of the castle. As soon as we walked into Cannonball, we knew it was the one! Everything just suited our vision for our day and the events team are fabulous.
We’ve hired the whole place for the evening, so we’ll be having drinks, canapes and speeches in the café area, with dinner being served upstairs in the restaurant. We didn’t want a traditional wedding, just a day with family, friends and food so we’re not having dancing. We do have a bit of entertainment planned, which is a family tradition of mine. Each year at Christmas, my uncle organises an amazing family quiz, so he’s agreed to have a wedding themed one for us! We’ll be giving prizes to the winning team, and hope it’ll be a way of making people laugh and getting to know us, our families and each other a bit more!
How do you think your posts will inspire our readers?
I’m a bit of an anti-bride! I’ve never really enjoyed weddings, I find wedding chat almost unbearable (ask my best friends – I was their bridesmaid and they knew never to ask my opinion on flowers, favours or other wedding nonsense!) and just don’t really understand how some girls could spend hours reading wedding magazines and start planning their day years before they even meet their fiancé!
Saying that, I’ve become a bit more interested in certain wedding aspects since planning my own wedding! But that’s probably because I’ve chosen to focus on the things I love, that matter most to my fiancé and me: namely food, flowers, looking fabulous, laughter and the people we love! I’m hoping that my blog posts will be informative to the brides and grooms out there who don’t want such a traditional day, who don’t want to spend a small fortune, who want to do things a little bit different to the norm. Our wedding motto is, it’s our day, we can do whatever the hell we want… within reason, obviously! So hopefully I can share some tips, inspiration and advice to the other anti-brides (and grooms) out there who are overwhelmed by the whole process and just want a day that’s special and meaningful to them.
2. Lucy

Lucy and Andrew

Meet Lucy. She has planned a lot of amazing weddings and events through her highly acclaimed event company Premier Wedding Planners (which she runs with her sister) and now she is planning her own. Something tells us it is going to be pretty special. We are more than a little eager to hear her hints and tips…
Tell us a bit about your Scottish wedding – where and when is it happening?
It’s at Carlowrie Castle, in West Lothian. Erm, it’s not that Scottish?! White and gold, modern classic. In keeping with the venue.
Are you going to be divulging lots of wedding planning secrets in your blog posts?
I am thrilled to be a guest blogger on We Fell In Love! Blogs are a great source of inspiration and ideas for me, and what I love about We Fell In Love is that it showcases what Scotland has to offer couples wishing to marry here. Being a wedding planner based in Scotland, I am delighted that I will be able to share my knowledge and experience of the industry with you. But what I am even more excited about is that I can share with you my own wedding plans! A wedding planner’s wedding – hopefully you’ll find that it makes for interesting reading!
3. Carla


This is Carla. She LOVES weddings, every single thing about them. From buttonholes to bouquets, and everything in between. In fact, so much so that in her words, “If weddings were made of cookies, let’s just say there would be no such thing as ‘fit bride’ come October 2016.”
Tell us about your wedding location – how did you find it?
We visited Achnagairn House and instantly fell in love. It’s located about twenty minutes from Inverness and I have a lot of step family from that area and have always thought it’s a stunning area of Scotland. The whole wedding will take place in the castle as it offers a beautiful reception area and a stunning ballroom where we can comfortably accommodate our guests.
As a bonus, the venue also offer eight properties which they rent on a room or full house basis, as well as 24 rooms in the castle so everyone gets to join us for the whole weekend. (I’ve told Jo that if my dress is still clean I am wearing it again on the Sunday!)
Any highlights in the wedding planning so far?
My favourite part is the details. For me, it’s the personal things that are the most memorable. Some of these from past weddings I’ve been to or seen online include something as simple as a bottle of hairspray in the girls toilets, to the bride having her class of pupils sing the couple’s favourite song at the ceremony (which made me slightly jealous that I’m not a teacher with a classroom full of budding X Factor contestants, but that’s a different story).
I knew from the minute I hosted my first sleepover in my early teens that I was destined to be a ‘host’. Those early day sleepovers, the fancy dress eighteenth birthday party, the masquerade twenty-first and the colour co-ordinated engagement party, are all events I’ve grasped with both hands.
For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be a wedding planner but have never been brave enough to take the leap. When a diamond ring attached to a remote control helicopter came ploughing towards my face at full speed back in January of 2013, I knew my dream of planning a wedding was going to come true.
4. Joan


Say hello to Joan. With winter wedding dreams and planning which one of her guests is going to be starring as Santa, we can’t wait to hear more about her wedding journey.
Where and when is your wedding happening?
We’re due to be married in a pre-Christmas bonanza on 21st December 2016 at the gorgeous Drumtochty Castle, Aberdeenshire. My family are from Auchenblae and I’d spent a lot of my childhood in and around Drumtochty woods, catching glimpses of Drumtochty Castle between the trees. My long suffering fiancé, Nairn is in the Army’s Royal Tank Regiment, his only real specification around the wedding was to uphold the military tradition of marrying as a Captain.
With his promotion on the cards in April 2016 and my winter wedding dreams, December 2016 seems like the perfect month. Both being Christmas lovers, we decided to choose a date close to Christmas so we could roll into the festivities immediately after and continue our celebrations over the 2016 Christmas break – we are Scottish after all.
What are you most excited to be sharing in your blog posts?
I’m so excited to have the opportunity to blog for We Fell In Love and share my wedding plans, ideas and inspirations with you all. I’m blogging from a distance as I live in sunny Somerset, so planning our winter wonderland wedding involves a lot of online research and well-orchestrated weekend trips home to Stonehaven. The countdown is officially on until our big day on 21st December, please join me for the journey, your comments and advice would be hugely appreciated!
Not sure about you, but I for one am super-excited about following these guest bloggers. Feel free to leave a comment to say hello and welcome this fab four. Alie x