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An outdoor elopement in the Edinburgh hills


This pair picked Scotland because they fell in love with it and when we heard their story we fell in love a little too. A hilltop ceremony, a stroll through an Edinburgh bookshop and dinner at The Scotsman Hotel – romance doesn’t get much better than this…

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We absolutely love the setting for your wedding! What inspired you to choose Arthur’s Seat and were you worried about the weather?
We love hiking and wanted to do something a bit memorable. We were concerned about the weather. The whole time we had been in Scotland the weather had been pretty terrible. We had booked a back up venue to hold the ceremony at The Armchair Bookstore, where we ended up having photos. The day before the wedding Christian said to me “we’ve come all this way, let’s just do it in the rain!”, so the decision was made that rain, hail or shine, we would be climbing up Arthur’s Seat. Thankfully it was a beautiful day!
Did you DIY any elements of your wedding?
There really wasn’t a lot to do since we weren’t having a reception, but I did make the boy’s boutonnière’s and wire the flowers for my hair.
Your dress is beautiful. How did you find it?
Because we were eloping I couldn’t really go out wedding dress shopping in Newcastle. I found my dress on etsy and agonised over whether or not to buy a wedding dress online. I ready so many reviews, talked to the dressmaker and decided to do it! Thankfully the only alterations it needed was to be taken up slightly 🙂
The designer was Yasmin Leyani. She was such a pleasure to deal with.
And how did you choose your photographer?
Finding a great photographer was probably the most important part of our wedding. Not having our families there meant that we really wanted a photographer that could capture the essence of the day and tell the story. We found the photographers online and I am fairly certain that I have trawled through every photograph that Jay and Christina have ever posted online. These guys were so amazing. They weren’t just our photographers, they made up 1/4 of our wedding in guests. Seriously, Christina had hand warmers for all of us!! Which other photographer would supply hand warmers?! The time we spent with these guys having our photos taken wasn’t just that, it was hanging out with 2 friends (new, but awesome) having a great time. I don’t think words can express how grateful we are to them, not only for the beautiful photos, but just for being the awesome people they are and for throwing themselves into our wedding day like they did!

Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-012 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-013 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-014 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-015 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-016 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-017 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-018 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-019 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-020 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-021 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-022 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-023 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-024 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-025 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-026 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-027 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-028 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-029

Tell us something surprising about your day
The most surprising thing for us was probably that we pulled it off without our families finding out before we got to tell them.
Our celebrant, Tim, asked if we would mind if he let his friends from a news paper know what we were doing because it would make a good news story, and we were all for it. We thought it would be a fun reminder of our day to have a newspaper article about it to show our family when we got home. Next thing we know we were in about 4 newspapers and on their respective Facebook pages.
Why did you get married in Scotland?
We visited Scotland 2 years ago and just fell in love with it. When we thought about eloping we didn’t even consider anywhere else.
How did your families react when they found out?
They were stoked! Which was great. We were expecting maybe our grandparents to be a bit disappointed that they couldn’t be there but they were all over the moon for us!
Any advice for brides & grooms thinking of eloping to Scotland?
Do it! We had the most relaxed day. We managed to squeeze 2 hours at the hotel spa and sauna in between the end of our photos and dinner. You just can’t do that at a normal wedding. Obviously eloping isn’t for everyone, and anyone thinking about it should weigh it up very carefully, but if you’re in the right situation I can’t recommend it highly enough!
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?
I (Bron) remember standing up there on Arthur’s seat and just thinking “it’s perfect. We’ve pulled it off.” Which after planning in secret for the past 8 months was a huge deal.

Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-030 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-031 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-032 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-033 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-034 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-035 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-036 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-037 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-038 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-039 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-040 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-041 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-042 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-043 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-044 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-045 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-046 Arthurs-Seat-Elopement-Elemental-Weddings-047

I love everything about this elopement, but most of all I love that the weather would have done nothing to hamper the hill climb. Feeling inspired to elope to Scotland? Alie x
Ceremony venue – Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh
Reception venue – The Scotsman Hotel, Edinburgh
Photographer – Elemental Photography.
Celebrant – Tim Maguire
Hair & Make-up – Lyn McKenzie
Florist – Narcissist Florist

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