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Laura + Mark

Photographed by Struve Photography

at St Peter’s Church & Cottiers


Despite a bit of a bumpy start, Laura & Mark soon fell head over heels after being introduced by friends. Their Great Gatsby-inspired Glasgow wedding is full of our favourite things – love & laughter, gorgeous flowers & gold high-tops, little Lego people and a very lively dancefloor. We would have loved to be at this party! Enjoy this week’s #ThrowbackThursday post…

Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-001 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-002 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-003 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-004 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-005 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-006 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-007 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-008 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-009 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-010

We knew each other through friends, however it took us a while to get together. We had our first kiss on Burns Night but took another three months before we got together officially after a friend gave Mark the wrong phone number, he thought I was ignoring him and I thought he wasn’t interested! When we got together though, we knew instantly it was special.
We were inspired by…
Mark proposed to me in my favourite restaurant for my birthday, however wasn’t brave enough to pick the ring (a good choice). We got the engagement ring (and wedding rings) made by a local jeweller (Blair and Sheridan) and loved the individuality and personal aspect of it and knew we wanted this for our wedding.
We didn’t really set out initially with a theme as such, however after getting my dress we loved the idea of having a vintage style wedding. We both love movies and incorporated this into the day as well. We wanted the day to be relaxed and laid back for everyone as well, so didn’t want anything too formal. Although we had a theme, we tried not to focus on it too literally and just bought and made what we liked. We went to loads of venues and when we saw Cottiers we knew that it would give us the day we wanted.
How did you personalise your wedding day?
Although at first it was the reception that we were mainly focusing on, it was the actual service that really was the highlight of the day and the most personal. We had a brilliant organist who played me in to Clare de Lune and our exit was Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke. Mark’s cousin, Kerrie, and friend also played Ave Maria on the flute/guitar during the signing of the register which was beautiful. My godmother and Mark’s brother also did the readings we chose and my mum did the bidding prayers. The service was so enjoyable and the priest had everyone laughing. It really started the day off the way we wanted.
I made all the stationery, church service, seating names based on a Great Gatsby theme, a movie poster for our seating plan and table names based on our favourite movies. We also made the wedding favours – a recipe for our signature cocktail, along with the ingredients to make it, for the girls and comic book buttonholes for the boys as Mark loves comic books and we both love comic book based films.
We got some beautiful vintage champagne glasses for the welcome drink and vintage tea sets on all the tables. Our florist made some simple flower posies in jars with hessian and lace wrapped around them and a friend cut some wood to put them on.
What was on your wedding menu?
We are both really into cooking (and eating), so our menu was really important to us as well as ensuring people had a choice. For starters we had Duck Liver Pate with Tangy Orange Salad or Goats Cheese and Red Pepper Terrine with Red Onion Marmalade. Mains were Ballotine of Chicken Stuffed with Black Pudding Wrapped in smoked Ayrshire Bacon or Slow Braised Shin of Beef With Red Wine Jus. And for dessert we had Eton Mess or Warm Chocolate Brownie with Orange Creme Fraiche. We then had a curry for our buffet along with the wedding cake and other cakes made by me and my friends.

Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-011 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-012 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-013 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-014 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-015 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-016 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-017 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-018 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-019 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-020 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-021 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-022 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-023 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-024

First dance – choreographed routine or sedate shuffle?
Our first dance was Baby I Love You by the Ramones. We struggled at first to pick as we didn’t want anything too slow that would end up being an awkward shuffle or something that was too upbeat, that would be hard to dance to. This was perfect as it was a favourite of ours and allowed us to have a really memorable first dance that we actually enjoyed dancing to!
What is your advice for future brides??
Remember it’s your day so if you want something then go for it! We knew the music and photographer were the most important things to us and spent a long time getting them right. We met with the Pin Up DJs and we knew instantly that they would provide the type of night we wanted. We gave them a list of songs and bands that we liked, however told them that it was only to let them know what we liked! Our friends and family loved our choice of DJ and we got so many compliments on it.
A good photographer is imperative as it’s what you have afterwards to remind you of the wedding. Struve provided some great shots and really used Glasgow as the perfect backdrop. Having two photographers as well was great as there were so many candid shots that we really loved which we wouldn’t have got otherwise.
Enjoy planning the wedding as well! We had so much fun making everything and made it much more personal. Try not to stress too much, I felt because we didn’t, it made the whole experience much more enjoyable (even though my bridesmaid was pregnant and due two weeks before the wedding!).
Where did you spend your wedding night?
At our own house! We managed to book our wedding in the middle of the Commonwealth Games, so not only did it mean that we couldn’t get a hotel room but neither could any guests who had travelled from further afield so there was a lot of squeezing in at relatives’ houses. We nearly had to walk home after not being able to get a taxi as well because Glasgow was so busy! We saved the money that we would have spent on a hotel room and put it towards our honeymoon instead! It also meant we didn’t have to get up early for check out.
Why Scotland?
We both love Scotland and Glasgow means so much to us (we even incorporated it in to our wedding invitations). We wanted that easy-going, relaxed atmosphere that is synonymous with a good Scottish Wedding!
What was the one thing that you’ll never forget about your big day?
After two weeks of the best weather I can remember in Glasgow, it finally decided to chuck it down with rain just as we were talking our photos. Luckily, we finished before the heavens opened, although our evening guests weren’t so lucky! It was such a brilliant day but I’ll always remember everyone dancing all night! The dance floor was packed from the get go and Mark and I hardly sat down at all!

Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-025 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-026 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-027 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-028 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-029 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-030 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-031 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-032 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-033 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-034 Cottiers Glasgow wedding by Struve Photography-035

I love the sound of the favours Laura & Mark made. Are you tempted to steal a little bit of their wedding style? Christina x
VenueSt Peter’s Church & Cottiers, Glasgow
PhotographerStruve Photography. Second photographer – Juliebee.
FloristLavender Blue
Hair & makeupAilsa Docherty
Wedding dressBelle and Bunty from Lamesley Bridal, Edinburgh
Shoes – Gold high heels for during the day and gold sparkly high-tops for night-time. After struggling for ages trying to get the right shoes and nearly paying a fortune, I eventually stumbled across them in New Look!
Accessories – Hair piece from Melle Cloche, Bracelet from Dyrberg/Kern I already owned.
Groom’s outfitMacGregor & MacDuff for Kilts
Bridesmaids’ dressesCoast for the bridesmaid and Monsoon for the flower girl.
Stationery – I made all the invitations, the table plan, the name places and table names.
CakeThe Little Cake Parlour. A triple layer cake of Victoria sponge, red velvet and salted caramel chocolate!
BandPin Up Nights DJs
Transport – We looked at wedding cars however as we didn’t live far from the church and were walking from there to the venue we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them when nobody would see them! Mark got a taxi from his parent’s house and a friend drove me!
Additional suppliers – Vintage champagne glasses from The Green Cockatoo, Vintage tea cups, saucers and side plates from Vintage Blue. Rings by Blair and Sheridan.