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for the Bride-to-Be

Finding yourself fully submerged in the world of wedding planning and starting to worry that you may be showing signs bridezilla? Here’s our top five must-dos for making sure you remain a grounded, lovely bride-to-be…

Grow old with me the best is yet to be

1. Remember why
You may have heard it before, but it needs said again. It’s all about love. Of course you may want your wedding day to be uber-stylish and creative, or the party to end all parties, but first and foremost it’s about making a forever commitment. Whether your decor is to die for really isn’t the main event.


2. Focus on the Teamwork
Remember it’s all about teamwork. That goes for you and your other half; your immediate family and your bridal party. It might be your special day, but don’t ever forget it’s kind of a big deal for them too. There’s lots you can do to help cultivate the teamwork: delegate tasks, ask advice (and take it) and involve people in your wedding planning. From tastings to make-up trials, there will be lots of opportunities to share the fun.

One Spa Edinburgh

3. Take Time for Time Out
You need to take time out and time for non-wedding related actvity. Whether it’s chilling with your besties in the spa, a day of taking to the hills, or even a night out where the ‘w’ word is banned, make sure you take time out of the planning whirlwind.

Tug-of-war for wedding

4. Pick your Battles
This is key. From cars, to cakes or whether ceilidh or jazz is best for the evening entertainment, there will be debates. The trick is to pick the bits you feel most passionate about and let the rest go. At the end of the day who wants to remember the squabbles along the way. As long as everyone has a ball on the day right?

Thank You Gifts

5. Say Thank You
This may seem an obvious one, but sometimes it’s so obvious it’s missed. Remember to say thank you. That goes not just for the financial commitment from family, but also for the hours and days your nearest and dearest will be giving up to help plan. Sometimes a little thank you note, or a small gift goes a long way to say you’re appreciated.
Any almost-bridezillas out there? We’d love to hear how you’re keeping it together… Alie x