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Zitlali + David

Photographed by Crofts & Kowalczyk

at Winton House


If your January morning is feeling a little bleak (perhaps the first back at work) then dive right on in to this beautiful sun-drenched Scottish wedding. With its summer garden theme it will have you at the words ‘jazz on the lawns’. We’re off to dream of summer…

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Tell us how you met and became engaged?
Having crossed paths with a knowing look many times in the grounds of Glasgow University, we were eventually introduced by mutual friends on a night out. After several dates in Glasgow’s west-end, I eventually caught the girl I’d only previously known as “hot library girl”!
After 9 years together, I eventually proposed on a holiday in New York. My (now) wife seemed to do her best to foil any attempts I made to steer her into a romantic setting and pop the question. However, after a few days on trying, I eventually took to one knee in the beautiful setting of the roof terrace at the NYLO hotel. An evening we’ll never forget!
We were inspired by…
The garden party theme was inspired by an outdoor wedding we attended in South Africa. We wanted to take this theme and add a Scottish flavour. The Castle venue and beautiful grounds really formed the base of the the Scottish feel. We added hay bales, wheelbarrows full of beer (“beer-barrows”), Jazz, hula-hoops, croquet and football to the garden party and guests tucked into delicious antipasti on personalised wooden chopping boards (both our dads stamped our initials onto 150 boards and doubled up as wedding favours!).
We further added to our Scottish theme by transforming the castle dungeon into a Whisky tasting room. Several single malts from varying parts of Scotland were laid out with tasting glasses to allow everyone to indulge! This room turned out to be a huge draw during the evening reception!
Both being from Edinburgh we had always wanted an old-town church service and Canongate was the perfect choice. Almost equip-distant from our family homes, this militarily historical church was almost purpose built for us!
Tell us something surprising about your day…
My (now) husband had thought I was going to walk down the aisle to Pachelbel but I surprised him by walking down to his favourite song – “Caledonia”, played on the Bagpipes by our wedding piper. It was such a powerful song and brought another Scottish element to our wedding. The evidently rather surprised Groom found it hard to hide his surprise and joy at the last minute input!

Winton-House-Wedding-016 Winton-House-Wedding-017 Winton-House-Wedding-018 Winton-House-Wedding-019 Winton-House-Wedding-020 Winton-House-Wedding-021 Winton-House-Wedding-022 Winton-House-Wedding-023 Winton-House-Wedding-024 Winton-House-Wedding-025 Winton-House-Wedding-026 Winton-House-Wedding-027 Winton-House-Wedding-028 Winton-House-Wedding-029 Winton-House-Wedding-030 Winton-House-Wedding-031 Winton-House-Wedding-032

Tell us about your wedding dress Zitlali…
I must have tried on 80-90 wedding dresses before I found the one! I started to worry that I would never find the perfect dress until I met the wonderful Kavelle. Her boutique has such a luxurious feel – I knew it was going to be a special experience. After discussing what I was looking for, Kavelle picked out a handful of dresses for me to try on and as soon as I tried on the first one, I had the WOW feeling! Kavelle is so patient and understanding and a great eye for helping you choose the perfect dress.
And tell us about the men’s outfits David…
I opted to wear my own kilt on our wedding day. The kilt had been through many of the major events in life and I thought it fitting that I wear it on the most important of days. The Green Douglas tartan also lends itself well to many jacket options. I chose to have a bespoke tweed jacket made at Houston’s and wasn’t disappointed. The petrol blue tweed complemented the tartan perfectly and created a very refined yet modern look. The tailor-made feel to the jacket also added to that special wedding feeling!
Being an Officer in the Royal Air Force I am lucky enough to make use of a sword party. Having 8 men dressed in full No.1 RAF uniform with accompanying swords really added to the occasion. They attracted more attention than the bride from the dozens of tourists on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. The sword party then changed into the more refined No.5 uniform for the evening reception – again adding a unique touch to our day.
Any advice?
We had such a clear vision on what we wanted our wedding day to be like but also realised that we needed the help of all our suppliers, friends and families to help create the day so we put together a “Lookbook” to illustrate every bit of day. Winton House and Appetite (our caterers) were incredible at recreating our Lookbook and delivering beyond our expectations!
Whilst we spent a huge amount of time planning and at times, it was very stressful, we had to remember the most important part is remembering to take it all in and celebrating with your closest friends and family. They’re all there for you, they won’t really pick up all the little details, so don’t stress out and just enjoy the whole experience!

Winton-House-Wedding-033 Winton-House-Wedding-034 Winton-House-Wedding-035 Winton-House-Wedding-036 Winton-House-Wedding-037 Winton-House-Wedding-038 Winton-House-Wedding-039 Winton-House-Wedding-040 Winton-House-Wedding-041 Winton-House-Wedding-042 Winton-House-Wedding-043

Tell us about your first dance…
Our first dance was ‘Brown Eyed Gilrl’ which was sung live by the band. We wanted an upbeat first dance and a real defining moment of the wedding for the both of us was hearing the entire crowd sining along (“Sha la la la la la…”) as we danced our way around the room. The song proved to be a great choice and really set the tempo for the evening of dancing!
Why Scotland?
Whilst we both now live in England, we’re both originally from Edinburgh and our hearts still belong back home in Scotland. It was never a question that we were both wanting to get married in beautiful Edinburgh!
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?
Although it sounds cliched, our wedding day was so varied and ran so smoothly it really is too hard to pick out any one unforgettable aspect. From the hundreds of tourists greeting us outside the church to the toe-tapping jazz in the beautiful sunshine; from the multi-national whisky room to everyone singing along to the first dance – the whole day was truly unforgettable and was most certainly worth every ounce of effort of the planning!
A summer garden party is the perfect theme for this wedding. We are loving the sound of Zitlali and David’s Lookbook. Anyone else feeling inspired? Alie x
Ceremony VenueThe Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh
Reception VenueWinton House
PhotographerCrofts & Kowalczyk Photography. We wanted our photos to look natural and encapsulate the magic of our day without being too ‘arty’. We wanted our photos to be full of natural bright light and Crofts and Kowalczyk manage to do this perfectly.
FilmmakerJeff Wood Visuals. What we loved about Jeff Wood’s videography was that it made your wedding look like a Hollywood movie. He uses cinematography techniques to blend the sounds of your wedding – laughter, chatter and footsteps – with the background video music.
Florist – Family friend
Makeup ArtistLauren Gollan
Hair StylistCheynes
Wedding dress – The Pregola by Pronovias from Kavelle Couture
ShoesLK Bennett
Groom’s outfitHouston Kiltmakers, Paisley
Bridesmaid’s DressesCoast
Stationery – Bespoke design from Platinum Graphics
Reception MusicThe Ritz Trio
Cake – The Bride’s Father
CatererAppetite Direct
CarMajestic Wedding Cars