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Mel + Chris

Photographed by Elemental Weddings

at Hopetoun House


You’ve followed their wedding journey and heard their story in their own words. Now we are more than a little excited to share the photographs of Mel and Chris’ Magical Winter Wedding. A wedding day that was above and beyond beautiful…

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How did you meet and become engaged?
Chris and I have known one another almost the entire time I’ve been in Scotland. Except we never used to like each other! After a few years of cat and mouse and some gentle encouragement from our friends, we ended up getting to know one another and realising were not a bad match after all that.
We got engaged on Valentines day earlier this year. We were visiting my family in Australia for the first time. Chris had taken the ring over with him then one night he followed my dad down to the shed where he asked his permission. It was very quickly granted and they refilled their beers and headed back to the house. We headed out a few nights later for dinner down at the beach where Chris patiently waited for the sun to be setting so he could pop the question and create the perfect moment.
Our wedding day was inspired by…
Each other. We wanted something warm and rustic that felt welcoming and fun. We wanted our guests to look back and think about how much fun they had on that day. A lasting memory is what we wanted to create.
Tell us about your wedding dress…
I had never been into a wedding dress shop before and this was the very first dress i tried on. I loved it. It was so elegant and I felt very regal in it. Just like a bride. It suited the venue perfectly and I know it’s a style I will look back on and always feel in love with. Alan Hannah dresses are so well structured and absolutely timeless
How did you go about planning your flowers?
Gemma and her amazing team at Planet Flowers are out of this world. Previously I was like, flowers shmowers. But after seeing the possibilities I’m like FLOWERS YESSS!!!! I never new you could create such amazing unique things with flora! We went in with not much of an idea for our day, just a few wee hints and it was like Gemma went into our heads and pulled exactly what we wanted out and took it too the next level! Seriously amazing.

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Did you enjoy having your photographs taken?
Elemental are so fun and enthusiastic! Everyone feels a wee bit awkward in front of a camera at first but Jay and Christina make you feel so at ease. We ended up feeling so comfortable we forgot they were our photographers and it just felt like we were taking selfies with our mates!
And your film – how was it being on camera?
Steve and Yvonne at Cherry Tree really are the best. At this point I’ve only seen a two minute sneak preview of our day and it’s gone viral on our news feeds and left everyone with tears of joy! They are also such fun to have around and you don’t even feel as though your being filmed. Absolute pros – you wont be disappointed.
Tell us about your first dance…
Our first song began with Louis Armstrong – we have all the time in the world and changed into Frankie Valli- I love you baby. I’m not a great dancer and it’s even worse when you’re moving so slowly. Chris was having a great time, but I couldn’t wait for everyone else to join us on the dance floor because I didn’t know what to do with myself! We had a ceilidh for the rest of the night. Roddy and the band were great and very patient explaining all the dances with the overseas contingent and we had a great time! Exhausting but great!
It was all pretty spectacular. Having a ceilidh was so much fun and I’m so glad we did it. Getting married at Hopetoun House is absolutely unforgettable. I’ll always love my dress. Having fireworks by the awesome 21CC Fireworks is pretty fantastic too! But the very best thing about our day was the opportunity to get everyone together to create some fond memories to last a lifetime!
Why Scotland?
I’m Australian and I was marrying a Scotsman. I have lived here for over 10 years now and I couldn’t think of a better place to get married!

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Is this a magical winter wedding or what? So much to drool over here. What are you loving most? Alie x
Venue – Hopetoun House
Photography – Elemental Weddings
Filmmaker – Cherry Tree Films
Flowers – Planet Flowers
Wedding Dress – Alan Hannah, Libby dress from Rachel Scott Couture
Wedding Shoes – I wore blue suede healed ankle boots. I made some bows and hearts using Chris’s tartan and sewed them onto my boots.
Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Our bridesmaids wore mint coloured frocks to match our winter wedding
Accessories – Janet at Rene Walrus made me this stunning bespoke hair piece with swarovski crystals and pearls sewn onto a delicately designed piece of lace. It is the most amazing accessory I now own! She also designed smaller hair pieces for my bridesmaids to match their mint coloured frocks. If you want a show stopper or something to jazz up any outfit then get along to her shop – so so SOOOO much sparkle! I wore an Australian opal ring my husband to be had gifted me on the morning of our wedding along with some Elizabeth Bower oversized studs I got from Rachel Scott Accessories
Make-up Artist – Jen from Eye Candy Scotland
Hair Stylist – Gwen at Mckenzie Hair Design
Groom’s Outfit Supplier – Macgregor and Macduff. Chris and his best man both wore lomond mist tartan outfits with matching ties, Glen Orchy tweed charcol jacket and matching waistcoat.
Stationery – Twenty-Seven Design Stationery
Piper – Roddy the Piper. He was on hand all day and night to pipe guest into the ceremony and pipe us (the bride and groom) pretty much everywhere we went! He was fab getting plenty of photos with all the overseas guests too.
Wedding Caterer – Heritage Portfolio.
Wedding Transport – Ecosse Wedding Cars
Cake – Heathers Cakes
Band – Reel Time Ceilidh Band
Fireworks – 21CC Fireworks
Girls Preparation – Dakota Hotel, Edinburgh
Boys Preparation – G&V Hotel, Edinburgh
Wedding Night – The Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh