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By Chic Photo

at Comrie Croft


Musicians Nena and Shane created their own festival themed wedding full of warmth, laughter and musical surprises. There’s so much to love here, you’ll be dreaming of spending a night under the stars…

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How did you meet and become engaged?
We met in 2008 on my first day in a new job. It was love at first sight! We were working closely together, so formed a friendship very quickly. It was after about 7 weeks of knowing each other that we confessed how we felt; and we’ve been together ever since!
In 2013 we went on holiday to one of our favourite places, Seil Island, Argyll. We had been there before and loved it so much, we always wanted to go back. Little did I know that Shane had been planning his proposal…We arrived at our cottage, which had a patio that overlooked the sea. As soon as we arrived, we went outside to admire the view and Shane got down on one knee to pop the question. It was so romantic, and a complete shock!
What inspired your wedding?
We are both musicians, and huge fans of live music. We have been to many music festivals together, and have played at a few with our band. So we really wanted to try and recreate that festival feeling; lots of great music, great food and drink, and LOTS of dancing.
We are also big nature lovers, and love camping. We actually spent our Wedding night in a Kata in the woods! So we wanted to embrace the venue’s natural beauty, and bring the outdoors indoors! Apart from the Manzanita tree center pieces, everything was handmade. I spent about 6 months with my Mum, my future mother in law and Shane making thousands of tissue flowers. Each table name was a different festival, and our table plan was a festival map, covered in preserved moss.
I also wanted touches of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and so we opted for earthy colours in the barn, leaves as escort cards and hessian wrapped coffee jars with tea lights in. Having two nights at the venue made all the difference. The night before the wedding after we had decorated the barn, we were able to join our guests in the Steading for drinks, and we even played a few tunes for everyone. It really felt like our own private festival!
How did you do your wedding research?
Living in England, around 5 hours drive away from Comrie, we were only able to come up a handful of times before the wedding. This meant that the majority of the wedding prep was done online. So wedding blogs were essential for me – especially We Fell in Love, as it is Scotland specific! So this blog absolutely cemented our decision to get married in Scotland. We already loved the country – but to see examples of how every venue in every part of Scotland is so beautiful, just helped to confirm our choice.
Tell us about your wedding venue…
Comrie Croft is an amazing place. It’s an eco campsite and hostel, with beautiful woodland and the most stunning views across the countryside. It’s a blank canvas as far as weddings are concerned. When we arrived, we were literally handed the keys, and left to get on with decorating the spaces. We wanted a DIY venue, so this was ideal for us!

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Were there any surprises?
Shane provided everyone with a huge surprise. During his speech, he got his guitar out and sung ‘Tongue Tied’ to me – a funny song from an episode of Red Dwarf, which I had always loved. To add more shock, Shane’s best man Jonny and my brother Joe joined in as his backing singers! It was so funny, and truly touching. I believe the video has since gone viral…
Any advice?
What everyone says is true, it really does go so quickly. So take that time to sit back and drink it all in. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; friends and family will always be glad to be involved. It is never too early to start planning. I loved every minute of the planning and making, as it was quality time spent with Shane, my mum and mother in law. Ebay is your friend!! You don’t need to spend thousands to have an amazing day. As long as you are true to who you are, your guests are bound to enjoy the day too!
Why Scotland?
Right from our first holiday in Scotland it felt like a special place to us, and became even more special after we got engaged there. It is a country of natural beauty, with the most amazing scenery. We also loved the fact that we could legally get married anywhere outside.
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?
There were quite a few unforgettable moments! Of course, the fact that we finally became Husband and Wife ranks up at the top. However, we were both blown away by how much all our guests embraced the venue, and thoroughly enjoyed the two days we had in Comrie. Shane and I had decided to go with what made us happy, but we were worried – after all, we would have felt terrible if we had made 80 of our family and friends travel all that way to be bored, and not enjoy the day.
We took enormous pleasure in seeing everyone mixing, some meeting for the first time, all laughing and smiling, and getting thoroughly stuck in to the Ceilidh! I also have to say, that our first dance was perfect. It was one of those rare moments of absolute clarity, and it felt like we were the only two people in the world. I felt so incredibly lucky to have married my soul mate, and be surrounded by the people I love the most.

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‘As long as you are true to who you are, your guests are bound to enjoy the day too!’ Sound advice, don’t you think? Alie x
Ceremony VenueComrie Croft, Perthshire
Photographer – Jacqui from Chic Photo. Jacqui was amazingly calm and professional – I really wasn’t aware that she was even taking any pictures! It just felt like another friend had turned up, and straight away we were all laughing together.
FloristBluebells Florist
Hair stylist – Fiona O’ Donnell, Bridal Hair Design Scotland
Wedding dress – Purchased through ebay, from a bridal boutique in Nottingham. My mum very kindly offered to buy my dress, so we started the hunt soon after I got engaged. I had seen the Benjamin Roberts dress online, but it was way out of our price range. While browsing online, I found that a boutique in Nottingham was selling sample sale dresses on their Ebay shop – and the Benjamin Roberts dress was on sale, for a fraction of the original price. It was a bit scary ordering my dress from Ebay, and I was sure it would turn up with marks on it – but it was absolutely spotless, and stunning. As soon as I put it on I knew I had made the right decision! I felt amazing in it, like a woodland fairy!
Shoes – Silver sparkle peep toe court shoes, ‘Delia’ by Dune
Accessories – My amazingly talented friend Liz made my flower crown. It was made up of handmade silk flowers, in my wedding colours of ivory, lavender, cornflower blue and pale lemon. She also made me a silk belt with flowers to match the crown. I absolutely adored wearing them, and was very sad when i had to take them off! Liz also made beautiful ivory flower combs for all my bridesmaids. I wore a silver bracelet and hammered silver earrings from a Sheffield based company, Magnolia.
Bridesmaids’ DressesAsos grecian style maxi dresses. Colour marked as ‘Lilac’, but they are actually closer to Cornflower Blue
Groom’s outfit – Shane knew he wanted something a bit different. He found his grey Prince of Wales check suit on the Burton website, and then went shopping with his groomsmen for brown brogues and dog-tooth bow ties from Next. The only involvement I had was choosing the shirts – Shane and his groomsmen all had the same, a gorgeous Lavender shirt, also from Next. He finished his look with a grey tweed flat cap, and a wool aubergine waistcoat from a shop on Ebay. I didn’t see his whole outfit until the ceremony, so we both had a lovely surprise!
Stationery – We made our own! We knew from the beginning we wanted to tie the designs in with our woodland/nature/midsummer night’s dream themes, so from our save the dates right up to our individual place settings, we kept the same design themes throughout. Shane is very talented in that field, and made it happen!
Cake – We opted for a cheese tower instead of a traditional cake, from Lincolnshire Poacher
Band – A year before the wedding, we were at our favourite festival – Fairport’s Cropredy Convention. Blackbeard’s Tea Party were on the bill. We instantly loved them, and found out that in addition to playing their own songs, they could also provide a Ceilidh…it was perfect! They were one of the highlights of the day, and all our guests loved them as much as we did. Our first dance was to ‘It must be love’ by Madness.
Additional Musicians – Our good friend and lead singer of our band, Darren Capp played during our Ceremony. His songs are beautiful, and he provided exactly the kind of laid back, warm atmosphere we wanted.