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Live Life Adventurously

Go Ape, Peebles

When invited to try out the Go Ape Treetop Adventure we jumped at the chance (pardon the pun). I mean who doesn’t want to swing from trees and hang out like a monkey for a few hours? Well maybe me a little, but the WFIL boys seemed well up for it so I figured I didn’t want to let the side down for the girls…

Go Ape Peebles 2015-10-30_0011 2015-10-30_0013

Go Ape can best be described as a world of adventure, high in the trees. It’s all about discovering your inner-Tarzan.
Whether you’re an experienced or novice Go Aper, you’ll soon be brought up to speed with the dos and don’ts in the initial practice area… with the golden rule being to always stay attached.
From the word go the boys (Jay and Niels) were all over this and ready to take on every obstacle in their path. I was marginally more trepidatious (for this read gulping in air rapidly and trying to steady my wobbly legs while taking in the fact that it was a very long way from the ground).
The Go Ape in Glentress Forest, Peebles (the one we  road-tested) is sectioned into 5 areas with several obstacles, of varying difficulty in each. There is everything from swinging bridges, to cargo nets and this site boasts the highest zip wire of any Go Ape – result! Different obstacle suit different people. The boys were super-chilled leaping across spinning, turning things. For me – give me a zip wire any day. Once you’re committed you’re committed.
As a group we ventured through the course together, which was part of the fun and helped me feel more confident that I was hooking the right bits of metal to the right bits of metal.

Go Ape, Peebles 2015-10-30_0014 Go Ape, Peebles

We were blessed with a beautiful autumn day, which made our view of the glorious golden trees that little bit more special. But in reality, had it been peeing it down, it wouldn’t have lessened our enjoyment of the adventure or scenery – Go Ape rightly is an all weather activity.
As you progress throughout the course there are areas where you have a choice of an easier or harder route. One such choice is to do, or not do the Tarzan swing. My advice (bare in mind I was the least confident of our group) – do it!
There were so many parts of the course we loved, but we were all 100% in agreement that nothing quite beat the penultimate zip wire from one side of the valley to the other. Epic doesn’t even touch it. The closest I’ve ever come to feeling like I was actually flying. The ultimate super-hero power.

Alternative Stag and Hen Parties

Having spent a morning at Go Ape we can well understand what makes this such an enjoyable hen and stag do activity. It’s fantastic banter for groups of all abilities – you really have to trust, support and encourage each other. The buzz and true sense of achievement will kick start your party in style. You could easily combine it as one activity on a weekend away. And for any of you planning a Hag do (combined Stag and Hen) it would be prefect to keep both boys and girls entertained.
If you’re keen on booking your experience you’re best to get in touch with your local Go Ape team. With 28 locations across the country, there’s sure to be one in your neck of the woods.

Go Ape, Peebles

Feeling inspired to take to the trees for your hen or stag? We say do it – live life adventurously – oh and always stay attached! Alie x