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Magical Winter


Yes to the Dress

Melodie + Chris

The more we get to know Mel and Chris the more we just love these two. Their boundless enthusiasm for throwing themselves into wedding planning (seriously there is no stopping Mel now) has us hooked. This week they have met more of the #WFILwedding team and agree with us – they have the most fantastic team of suppliers behind them…

Keep calm for brides

“A 05:30 rise on your day off doesn’t sound very enjoyable UNLESS it’s because you’re driving through to Edinburgh to shop for your wedding dress! So up we got and off we went on our road trip with my bridesmaids Megs, YT (Sheree)
“On the way there I was filling the girls in on all the plans underway since I saw them last. The plan to ask the flower girls; my ideas for flowers; little crafty things to add our personal touch to the day; special favours for the kids…the list was endless. Chris said he knew nothing of all of these plans! I was planning on telling him, honestly! I’m just in super organised mode right now and wary of our time frame.

Rachel Scott Couture

“We made it to Edinburgh and pulled up outside Rachel Scott Bridal Couture . All of a sudden I felt so nervous. All the organising, investigating and list making has kept me preoccupied and suddenly it was all so real!
“Chris left us and went off into Edinburgh for his brekkie and to catch the rugby and we went in….as soon as we walked in I was immediately put at ease. Rachel is ever so lovely and I felt completely comfortable and at ease (she’s definitely done this before!) She ran through things with us and I was trying my best to listen intently, but I was slightly distracted by all the stunning dresses.
“She explained that if I liked a dress but wanted it in a different colour, that could be done. If I liked that skirt but with a different top, she could do that too! OMG! All of a sudden I was feeling very emotional and I was realising just how lucky we are. I could pretty much have anything I liked, how good is that?!
“So we went through all the designers and selected a few dresses. I’ve never been into a wedding dress shop before however I have spent several hours watching ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ so I had a few things in mind! I wanted to try quite a fitted dress and something more flowing, but I was open to all styles. Into the dressing room we went…
“While Megs and YT tucked into the sweeties in the dressing area I tried on the first dress. It got a great reaction and when I saw myself in the mirror I immediately wanted to cry, but I was trying so hard to keep my organised level head on and not get too overwhelmed. It was so beautiful I felt like a princess! I tried three more dresses on and then it was a toss up between my first and last style. Back and fourth we went trying to rationalise the decision. I don’t want to give too much away, but I think the dress will be quite a surprise for most. It was so striking and I felt amazing in it, I just KNEW I had to say yes to the dress!

Hopetoun House

“Our next stop was Hopetoun House. As we made it up the grand driveway I began to feel nervous and excited again (I can feel a theme developing now!). Lara came down the stairs to meet us as we got out of the car. She greeted us and again she was so charming and welcoming! (I can see why the WFIL guys all reccommended these suppliers, not only do they have the cream of the crop on offer, they are all such nice, genuine friendly people!)
“She took us into the stables where we would be getting married and it was set up for a wedding later that day. I thought I’m going to be standing RIGHT here before I walk down the aisle in a few weeks – que overwhelming urge to cry and hug everyone. I kept thinking I must maintain composure as Lara continued to explain the layout. She pointed out where the string quartet would be placed and I thought how magical the sounds will be echoing through the stables.
“Lara took us into the house and showed us all SEVEN drawing rooms we could use for the reception. Looking at Hopetoun House via the website I thought, wow, it looks totally amazing. But as soon as I walked up the stairs and into the front room I was speechless. You could smell the history and it was a sensation for the eyes, absolutely breathtaking! I had to stop speaking at this point because I thought I was going to burst into tears again!
“I couldn’t even think of the words to describe how unbelievably historic, prestigious, facsinating and timely it is all down to the finest detail. What an absolute honour to be able to use this for our wedding day! I’m not being funny but I’ve been to Windsor Castle and Hopetoun House is in a different league! (sorry Lizzy!)
“After the tour it was time for coffee number 3 of the day and to get some of those boxes ticked on the list! Lara was so organised, she’d answered all the questions on my list before I’d even had a chance to get it out! There is SO much involved in just one day, it must be a special talent to be a wedding planner. We got through a big part of our day’s construction and Lara departed to ensure the final touches for the wedding that day were perfect.


“Geoff popped in from 21CC Fireworks to give us a run down of the options for the day too. What a lovely chap. He’s very familiar with Hopetoun House so he knew all the best ideas to throw at us. He also told us just how exclusive Hopetoun is, allowing only a handful of visitors and weddings a year. I’m sure I was speaking in my very shokced high pitch voice after this because I was beginning to grasp just how truely fortunate we are.
“We looked at lots of photos and options. Some of the things on offer are out of this world. I’m trying not to give too much away but flames, fireworks, smoke and surprises are all on the table for us to ponder. Who has fireworks at their own wedding, how lucky are we!!!!
“As I write this I’m finishing the final touches on the flower girls gift bags so we can ask them tomorrow so next time I’ll fill you all in on their reactions.Everything just got very REAL!”
Anyone else now dying to know the dress Mel has picked? Alie x
The 2015 magical winter #WFILwedding team are:

Venue – Hopetoun House
Caterer and event design – Heritage Portfolio
Stationery – Twenty-Seven.Co.uk The Online Wedding Stationery Company
Wedding dress boutique – Rachel Scott Bridal Couture
Wedding shoes and accessories –  Rachel Scott Accessories
Wedding photography – Elemental Photography
Wedding film – Cherry Tree Films
Florist – Planet Flowers
Bridal accessories and sparkle – Rene Walrus
Wedding cake – Heather’s Cakes
Scottish bagpiper and string quartet – Reel Time Events
Wedding band – Reel Time Ceilidh Band
Fireworks display – 21CC Fireworks
Grooms hotel – G&V Edinburgh
Brides’ hotel – Dakota Edinburgh
First wedding night hotel – The Balmoral Hotel