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by SDM Photography

at St Joachim’s Catholic Church

& The Weigh Inn


It was many years before these childhood friends got together. But once they did, friend and family were not the least surprised. Nothing, not even a brutal blackening and a broken leg, could have kept Caitlin from partying the night away…

SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-001 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-002 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-003 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-004 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-005 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-006 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-007 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-008 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-009 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-010 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-011

Haha our story is a long one depending who you talk to! Really we have known each other since kids. Bryan was in the same class as my sister at primary school and played with my older brothers, but we don’t really remember meeting until I was 16. My best friend (our Maid of Honour) was texting a boy (Bryan’s groomsman) and she invited him over to my house and Bryan tagged along. After this Bryan asked his brother for my number as his brother and I were in the same young farmers group. For years Bryan and I texted and became really great friends. Everyone expected us to get together, but it never really happened. Bryan went to live in Edinburgh for a couple of years and when he came home I moved to Australia for three years. We still kept in touch all these years, but just as friends until about four or so years ago when we finally got together… and everyone said about time!
Tell us about your engagement?
It was my mum’s 60th and we were all out for dinner. As my mum was opening all her presents Bryan and my dad were outside I didn’t know this but Bryan was asking my dad’s permission to marry me. They came back in and my dad asked the waitress for champagne in the glasses. I thought “Dad’s bought mum something really special!” Little did I know dad was nodding and smiling at Bryan (Bryan tells me he was shaking his head). Then dad announces “I’ve just had this young man get down on one knee and ask me for permission to marry my daughter” Shock doesn’t explain how I felt.  I slowly turned to look at Bryan who’s face is beaming red and said “really”? he said “well not what I was planning” But give Bryan his due he got down on one knee and asked. Of course I said yes and from there the celebrations went on.  Bryan did have a ring at his mums house he had bought a few months beforehand which is a story in itself… (Bryan’s a bit of a romantic sometimes)
Our wedding day was inspired by…
We just wanted a wedding that meant something to us. Bryan is a farmer so we had the tractor cake topper and our tables were named after breeding cattle. I had the Australian stubby coolers for wedding favours and my dad’s horse and cart. The driver George Ronaldson was a special person in my childhood and it had been 20 years since he had first driven that carriage. He had planned retiring before my wedding, but I had asked would he please make mine his last as he meant a lot to me and he did.
What would you change if you could do it all again?
The main factor I would change is the fact I had a broken foot. Ten days before the wedding I got a blackening and from this somehow managed to break my foot! Thankfully I managed to get a moonboot so that I could hobble down the aisle. A lot of people have told me you wouldn’t of known I had a broken foot as I did just slap on a smile and get on with it.  Really the thing that annoyed me the most is that I love to dance and sadly only managed a couple of dances ( probably more than I should of managed). I ended up having to get an operation on my foot and gmonths on I am almost walking back to normal, though still struggling with high heels.

SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-012 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-013 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-014 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-015 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-016 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-017 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-018 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-019 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-020 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-021 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-022 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-023 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-024

Tell us something about your day that might surprise us…
The fact I had a broken foot surprised a lot of people. I had lovely shoes to wear but sadly could only wear one as I had the moonboot which my bridesmaids decorated in blue and white lace. We did have a wheel chair at reception as we knew I wouldn’t take it easy but I didn’t actually use it (I paid for this the next day when I woke with a sore and swollen foot) The next day we had a big bbq and my brother had organised bouncycastle’s and slides for everyone . We were extremely lucky that weekend with weather. On the day of the wedding it was pouring rain but the sun came out before we left my dad’s house and during photo’s and then when we arrived in Thurso it was raining again then on the Sunday for our bbq it was beautiful sunshine all day, very rare in Caithness.
What did you pick for your first dance?
Adam Brand -“Can’t live without your love”. The reason we picked this is Adam is an Australian country singer we both love Country music and I heard Adam Brand in Australia and loved him we both loved this song and words are perfect for us, we had talked about Kenny Chesney and “She thinks my tractor’s sexy” but thought the slow song would be better…
Any advice for future brides and grooms?
Don’t panic as the day will be what it’ll be as long as you get married who cares about the details. Oh and if you can plan a blackening 6 months ahead maybe best to!
Why Scotland?
It’s where we are both from and meant a lot to us having it in the Church I grew up in and having my dad’s horse. We did have my sister 2 brothers, niece, 2 auntie and uncles come over from Australia to celebrate with us which meant a lot.
What’s the one thing you’ll never forget about your big day?
My blackening and foot being broken will be with us both forever and certainly a great test to any new marriage Bryan made a great nurse for me!

SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-025 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-026 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-027 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-028 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-029 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-030 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-031 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-032 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-033 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-034 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-035 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-036 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-037 SDM-Photography-Caitlin-Bryan-038

Wow – who’d have thought blackenings could be so dangerous? Anyone else got any stories from blackening to share? Alie x
Ceremony VenueSt Joachim’s Catholic Church Wick
Reception VenueThe Weigh Inn, Thurso
Photographer – Susie Swanson at SDM Photography
FilmmakerVideo Viewpoint
Florist – My Maid of honour created the buttonholes and bouquets and the Flower Shop Wick did table centres, carriage and church
Hair stylist – Louise & Caroline from Curl up ‘n’ dye
Make-up artist – Gemma from Holistic Beauty by Gemma
Wedding dress – Amanda Wyatt from Wedding Belles, Alness
ShoesRainbow from Wedding Belles Alness
Accessories – Head piece from Wedding Belles; Vail my sister’s (something borrowed); Ring my mother’s that was her mother’s so technically my granny’s (something old); Bracelet Annie Haak from my nephew/page boy Alan and a Pandora bracelet from Bryan
Groom’s outfit – Bryan owned his kilt from Blackstairs Highland Wear. We hired the kilts for ushers & page boys from Macallan’s, Wick
Bridesmaids’ dressesWedding Belles, Alness
StationeryTruly Unique by Gemma Walker-Ham
Cake – My cousin Avril Henderson made our 3 tiered fruit cake and also a sponge and a gluten free chocolate cake with a Massey Ferguson cake topper
Wedding TransportMy dad’s horse and carriage to Church then Dunnets busses and Caithness Prestige Car Hire for Limo for Bridal party, Bryan and his best men arrived at church in best man Michael’s Mark 2 Escort
Addy & Friends. They were an amazing band! The dance floor never stopped and they learnt our first dance song just that week.