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Photographed by Nordica Photography

In Edinburgh


As Edinburgh Festival season dawns, we thought this stunning honeymoon shoot was perfect for #ThrowbackThursday. A mere 72 hours after they said ‘I do’ by an old pine tree in Michigan, Heather and Mike had embarked on their honeymoon adventure in Scotland and as a surprise, Heather had organised a honeymoon shoot to help tell their story. It’s quirky, poetic, incredibly romantic and we fell in love with it at first sight of these pictures.

Tell us about the proposal…
It was April. We were walking our dog, Raleigh, through the woods in the sleepy country town we live in, and we were going off trail a little bit. We came upon a spot up high on the valley that runs through our town, with a decent view of the river that runs through it. All of a sudden, Mike starts digging in his pocket and says “Raleigh and I have something we want to ask you.” He pulled out a ring, muttered that famous phrase, and I think I stuck the ring on my finger before I even remembered to say yes. My favorite part of the whole thing was, as we were hugging one another and I was crying like the sap that I am, I just heard Mike utter “Damnit, I forgot to take a knee” and then we were both laughing. It was perfect. As far as I’m concerned, a proposal isn’t complete without a little comic relief and profanity.
Where did you get married?
We got married under a gigantic pine tree at our 160 year old country home in Michigan. The house itself is really special to us, especially me. It’s the house my Dad was raised in, and we moved in and took over the old clunker after my grandfather passed away. The roof leaks, and the basement is something out of a nightmare for most people, but it’s home, and we’re working on returning it to it’s former glory.
Tell us about planning your Scottish honeymoon…

My late paternal grandmother was from Scotland, and I always remembered her talking about home before she passed away. It’s always been on my list of places I’ve wanted to go. I’ve felt that pull ever since I lost my grandmother in middle school. Originally, we had planned a more modest honeymoon in the Florida keys, but one day we were sitting at home and Mike just turned to me and said “I’ve been looking into it, and I think we should go to Scotland.” to which I think I responded “Are you f**king serious?” and from there, the plans began. We had a very small window of time to work with for our honeymoon. We got married on June 9th, and since I’m a wedding photographer, I had to be back in Michigan on June 23rd for a wedding. We knew we just wanted to rent a car and go, once we got to Scotland, and that’s just what we did, visiting Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness, Skye, Loch Lomond, and Stirling. Our favorite part of Scotland, by far, was the Isle of Skye. My grandmother always spoke about it, and she was a MacLeod. It was amazing to visit such a beautiful place that I had heard so much about, and that some of my ancestors had come from. Also, the B&B we stayed at, on Skye, had 2 adorable dogs, and we’re into that.The only hard plans I made before traveling was booking Nordica for the session that brings us here today. The session was a surprise for Mike. He and I are both big Wes Anderson fans, and I’ve always felt Nordica’s work has a similar visual quality as Wes’ films, so even though Mike isn’t as big of a photography buff as I am, I knew he would love the results. These photos were taken less than 72 hours after our wedding in a place I have always dreamed of visiting. It’s awesome that we have something to document that time in our lives.

We LOVE the idea of a honeymoon shoot. Anyone else planned one?