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Woohoo – it’s #WFILwedding Wednesday! Which means we get to catch up on the antics and adventures of the four fantastic couples who are competing to win the wedding of their dreams at Hopetoun House this November. And it’s been another exciting week – we’ll let them fill you in on all their news…

Hopetoun House wedding - Elemental Photography


LA and Luke

“Week two of the competition and things are certainly heating up! We’ve been racking our brains to come up with innovative ways to get people’s attention, and what did we come up with this week? Memes, cupcakes and Batman!!! Not all at once, of course, because that would be too much to handle! On Tuesday we decided to hit Broughton Rugby Club’s touch league, organising a cupcake drive for the following night. We exchanged cupcakes and sweeties for votes and it was a great success! After all that crazy running around, people definitely deserved a treat!! If you were in Edinburgh over the weekend you might have run into Batman in a kilt!! It was great fun walking around taking pictures and chatting to everyone, and putting smiles on kids’ faces made it all worthwhile, despite the rain!
“Things are going to be difficult for us this week as we are off on our holidays on Thursday, which will limit us on what we can do, but we shall endure. Luke’s French skills are lacking but he’ll be learning how to say “vote for us” in French in no time!
“For both of us, this has been like having two full-time jobs. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that we are so humbled to be apart of.”


“Being in this competition has made us realise how badly we truly want this. And more than anything want to call each other husband and wife. We have realised that, as a couple, winning isn’t something that comes too often to us. We have decided to change that. We have had an….. unconventional story, with its hardships and turmoil, but winning this amazing wedding would prove to us, and everyone around us, that good things do happen, and that if you work for it, anything is possible!”

Catherine and Lee

“So it has been another busy week again – between work, studying and most importantly campaigning, it is safe to say we are exhausted! We have managed to get out to celebrate though with friends which has been fab; we definitely needed to let our hair down!
“We are from a small village, so generating votes hasn’t been an easy task! Facebook has been bombarded with daily posts and our friends and family are still sharing the posts daily which we are really thankful for. We eventually managed to get an article in our local paper, the Deeside Piper. The write-up was lovely and we were really pleased with it. Also, after sending email after email to everyone from my inbox, I managed to get a response from one of our local MP candidates and he was really supportive and has spread the word via his Facebook page.”


“To win this competition would literally be a dream come true. Financially it would obviously be a huge help. We have just bought our first flat together so all our money will be going on that; so it’s going to be tight to try and save for a wedding too. But more importantly, it would mean that we finally get to be Mr & Mrs. It is important to us both to get married and it is the ultimate way to declare our love and commitment to one another. We want to be married before we go on to have children etc, so winning this competition would complete us as a couple before the next steps in our lives. So far, whether it has been work, personal issues, health problems etc; we have been together through thick and thin in every aspect of our lives and I really don’t know where we would be today if we hadn’t stuck it out as a couple.
“If we won, we would be over the moon to know that we would finally be getting to ‘seal the deal’ by exchanging our rings and vows in November and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together…”

Melodie and Chris

“It’s been another eventful week in the Chris and Mel camp! Chris is back from Canada and has been immediately put to work. We’ve been canvassing for votes everywhere we go, it’s second nature now! We had a spa day to celebrate the start of Chris’s birthday celebrations and the lovely ladies at the Hilton gave us a wee vote. We also went out for dinner at Khublai Khan’s and they were nice enough to share a photo onto their Facebook page asking people to vote.
“Chris’s rugby club, Cartha Queens Park, have been sharing the link on their page regularly and we’ve had great support from other local clubs like GHA and Whitecraigs too. The golden judo sisters Louise and Kimberley Renicks took time out of their busy schedule to share a video backing us, which was also amazing!
“With the help of some friends, we’ve got branded t-shirts made and we’ve been venturing out wearing them with pride and giving our branded cupcakes to everyone we meet who votes for us. The support we’ve had so far has been absolutely overwhelming and we are so thankful for it all!”


“If we won this competition it would be unbelievable! We were planning on getting married in 2017 so we could take our time organising it all and giving family and friends enough time to make travel arrangements from Australia and other countries, but this way we could be getting hitched before Christmas and seeing some familiar faces sooner than expected! Weddings can be really stressful to plan, but if we won, I don’t think we would really have time to let it get to us, we’ll just enjoy the momentum and excitement of the wedding ride until then!”


“This week me & Kyle have been busy trying to raise more votes! Kyle has been sending out requests to friends, family & colleagues. He has managed to get people from even as far as Greece & America to vote for us. Meanwhile I was trying to think of ways to get the word out in the local area – we’re so close to Hopetoun, so we are hoping to get local people interested in the competition too.
“I’ve started doing a discount for my clients at the salon to get votes in & it’s going down a treat! I made up little discount cards with the WFIL info to hand out too! My man of honour aka ‘Where’s Wally’ has been getting involved – we made a banner & spoke to people outside the shop! He disappeared a while later… haven’t been able to spot him yet!


“On a serious note, winning this competition would be absolutely amazing. We’re local and love Hopetoun estate, having both grown up nearby. To be able to have our wedding there would be a total dream come true! Kyle really is my best friend and we’ve had the best time ever so far…to be able to be mr & mrs by Nov would be an amazing end to the year. (We will have actually been together for 6 years this November, can’t really think of a better way to celebrate than a wedding, haha). Please vote for us!
So exciting! Which of these four wonderful couples will become Mr & Mrs at the #WFILwedding this winter? We can’t wait to find out!
To vote for your winning couple, head over to the We Fell In Love Facebook page and use the #WFILwedding voting app. Voting closes on 31st July 2015 at 12 noon BST. One vote per person and this is managed by our clever competition app.
The 2015 magical winter #WFILwedding team are:

Venue – Hopetoun House
Caterer and event design – Heritage Portfolio
Stationery – Twenty-Seven.Co.uk The Online Wedding Stationery Company
Wedding dress boutique – Rachel Scott Bridal Couture
Wedding shoes and accessories –  Rachel Scott Accessories
Wedding photography – Elemental Photography
Wedding film – Cherry Tree Films
Florist – Planet Flowers
Bridal accessories and sparkle – Rene Walrus
Wedding cake – Heather’s Cakes
Scottish bagpiper and string quartet – Reel Time Events
Wedding band – Reel Time Ceilidh Band
Fireworks display – 21CC Fireworks
Grooms hotel – G&V Edinburgh
Brides’ hotel – Dakota Edinburgh
First wedding night hotel – The Balmoral Hotel