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Engagement shoot

by Elemental Weddings


Childhood friends, re-united at University, Samantha and Peter travelled across the Atlantic to celebrate their engagement in style. We swooned a lot when we saw their pictures…

Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-001 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-002 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-003 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-004 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-005 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-006 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-007 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-008

We’d love to hear the story of how you first met…
Peter and I were in the same friend groups at our separate, all-boys and all-girls Catholic schools in Winnipeg, and during University we met at a reunion sushi-and-a-movie dinner. He sat next to me at Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and we hit it off instantly.
And tell us about your engagement – where was the question popped?
In my apartment in Toronto in 2011. I was living there for a post-grad program and to develop my career, and we were long distance (you wouldn’t think it, but the distance between Toronto and Winnipeg is about 2000 km!) It had been hard living out there alone, and Peter’s med exams limited his ability to come see me often, but on a visit he popped the question with a custom made ring and a song he composed for piano, guitar, and cello.
Was it a surprise?
Not really! Despite only dating for 7 months, we had talked about marriage and having kids from the onset. The nature of the proposal itself was the surprise, though!

Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-009 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-010 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-011 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-012 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-013 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-014 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-015 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-016

What made you pick this location for your e-shoot?
Pretty much the day after we got engaged, we jetted off for a celebratory trip to Scotland. Edinburgh was our first destination, and we fell instantly in love with it. Coming back for the wedding allowed us to get to know it even better, and the rich history and gorgeous architecture made it the frontrunner for our pre-wedding shoot.
And tell us about your wedding day…
It was all in that first trip! Aside from the fact that we have some Scottish heritage (Peter has an ancestor from Clan Mackinnon, and I have one from Clan MacLeod), Scotland just feels like our home abroad. The landscape and the people, the vibrant atmosphere… we wanted our special day to be in a place that had meant so much to us when we were engaged four years ago. It felt like coming home.
We were married in Dryburgh Abbey in the Scottish Borders, a place Peter’s parents had visited often. I’m an author and I work in the book publishing industry, so getting married next to the resting place (literally!) of Sir Walter Scott was very significant to me. The location is ghostly and fixed in time — it was the perfect place for our vows to be spoken, and to finally be married, after waiting so long and being separated by large distances for a major part of our relationship.

Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-017 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-018 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-019 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-020 Samantha-Peter-Elemental-Weddings-021

I love everything about this engagement shoot. The location, the light… and Samantha and Peter’s style. Just wait until you see their wedding (coming soon)… Alie x
Location – Edinburgh, Scotland
Photographer – Elemental Weddings