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Photographed by John Elphinstone Stirling

at Ardanaiseig


It was love at first sight for Laura and James, as they met through mutual friends. Their intimate wedding was the best kept secret – only their witnesses knew. We love everything about their day: from Laura’s floral headpiece to the relaxed pace. We think you may swoon a little…

Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-001 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-002 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-003 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-004 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-005 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-006 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-007 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-008 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-009 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-010 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-011 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-012 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-013 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-014 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-015 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-016

It sounds cliched but it really was. My flatmate at the time was already friends with James and out having drinks, my best friend and I decided to tag along later on in the night and something super cool sparked. Circumstances kept us apart for a couple of months so by the time our first date came round I think we were already really sure that this was ‘it’.
Tell us a little about your engagement…
We didn’t have an official engagement as such. We’d been together for 6 years and we have a little girl together. Around her first birthday merriment we both had a pretty loved up chat about being this little family unit and how much fun we were having together. Being married hadn’t really been a priority to us before and all of a sudden we were like, let’s get married, let’s do this, let’s become The Camerons.
Our wedding day was inspired by…
We didn’t have a set theme, I think because we had such spectacular surroundings at Ardanaiseig we didn’t have to worry too much about extra decor. The first time we saw it – we knew it was perfect.
Tell us something about your wedding day that might surprise us…
We didn’t tell a single soul about it, apart from our witnesses.

Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-017 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-018 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-019 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-020 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-021 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-022 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-023 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-024 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-025 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-026 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-027 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-028 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-029 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-030 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-031 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-032 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-033

How about your wedding music?
We didn’t have a first dance but I walked down the aisle to ‘I Want You’ by Tom Waits and we had Bright Eyes ‘First Day of My Life’ playing after we signed the register.
Any advice?
Work out what’s important, really important to you both as a couple, and work back from there.
Honeymoon or Minimoon?
We had a bit of both! We spent a couple of days at the lovely Ardanaiseig after our wedding and 6 months later we had 5 lovely days in NYC (toddler-free!)
Why Scotland?
Scotland is really quite spectacular and oh so romantic. We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect setting.
What’s the one truly unforgettable thing about your wedding day?
It was really important to us that our daughter was able to enjoy our day without being ushered and shooshed as things were going on. She was allowed to go wild which made us really happy – I think you can see it in the photos. Also I think because of the nature of how we got married (with only 4 guests) the day went at a lovely lulling, restful pace. It was delightful.

Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-034 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-035 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-036 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-037 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-038 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-039 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-040 Ardanaiseig-Wedding-John-Elphinstone-Stirling-041

Anyone else planning a super-intimate wedding, with your witnesses as your only guests? Alie x
VenueArdanaiseig Hotel
PhotographerJohn Elphinstone Stirling
Florist – Di at Myrtle & Bracken
Make-up artistJennifer Peffer
Wedding dressDragonfly Dress Design
Accessories – Floral headpiece by Di at Myrtle & Bracken
Groom’s outfitPanache