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#WFILWedding 2014

Photographed by Chantal

Lachance-Gibson Photography

at Arta


I can’t quite believe it was 10 months ago since Susan and Al (our #WFILwedding 2014 winners) tied the knot. Today we thought we’d reminisce on their stunning Arta wedding. Theirs is a special story and we loved how much they threw themselves into the competition (how could we forget Al’s charity run?) Be re-inspired by this wedding and Susan and Al’s incredible story… And then enter the 2015 magical #WFILwedding for yourself!

SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-001 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-002 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-003 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-004 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-005 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-006 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-007 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-008 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-010 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-011 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-012 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-013 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-014

Susan and Al chose to do things a little differently in the morning by having a ‘first look’ In their words…
Susan: The first look was magical. Al was waiting in front of the Art Gallery with his back to me. Chantal and Scott were poised with their cameras but quite far back. As I walked up to Al I was excited but also a bit nervous and I had to stop to take a deep breath and blink away some tears. I said his name and he turned around and the look on his face! It was such a special moment, it felt like we were the only two people there. I’m so glad that we did the first look as we have those memories of being in just each other’s company on our wedding day that feel so special. I’d definitely recommend it!
Afterwards we went into Glasgow and got lots of photos around our favourite landmarks. It felt sneaky and fun knowing that our guests were arriving at the venue and we had already met up! We then split up and arrived separately at the venue..
Al: Our ‘first look’ photo shoot was brilliant. Scott and Chantal suggested it when we first met them. We liked the idea as it meant we could spend more time with our guests after the ceremony and see each other for the first time in a more private setting.
We chose Kelvingrove Art Gallery as it’s close to where we live and it’s a beautiful building. I was grinning from ear to ear waiting for Susan to walk up behind me. As soon as I heard her dress rustling as she walked towards me I started to get goosebumps! She looked gorgeous. I didn’t know what to expect with her dress, but it was sensational. The first look was fun as it was sneaky and we got to spend some time together before the day got really busy.

SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-016 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-017 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-018 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-019 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-020 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-021 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-022 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-024 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-026 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-027 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-028 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-029 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-030 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-031

What was it like seeing Arta for the first time, all set for your wedding?
Susan: My dad met me there and he had a tear in his eye. It was great to have a bit of time together before the ceremony and a little glass of fizz. We also got the chance to listen to Capella, their music was beautiful and made the atmosphere of the gorgeous venue. They had learned “only you”, one of my favourite tunes, and hearing it played was better than I could have imagined.
Al: Arta looked great when I got there and had a wee look around. All the decorations and flowers were fantastic. Thanks to Lynne from Je T’adore for the lovely table names and place cards. She even managed to drop off an emergency place card after a last minute guest change when our fireman friend Gregor was called in to work.
How did you personalise your wedding ceremony?
Susan: The little flower girls and page boys did a fantastic job, I could hear our guests’ collective “Awwwww” as they made their way down the stairs in front of me. Our ceremony was great, very personal and Linda Britton from the Humanist Society got the tone just perfect. We wanted it to be fun, a little bit different and it was certainly that! Al’s dad read “A Lovely Love Story” by Edward Monkton and his mum had even made dinosaur puppets! My friends Lucy and Claire did a great job of Pam Ayre’s ‘Yes, I’ll marry you’ and this certainly got a few laughs too.
Al: The humanist ceremony was great fun as well as very personal. Our celebrant, Linda Britton, did a great job of it. I think everyone’s heart melted when my Nephew Callum walked down the stairs first, carrying his flag that said ‘Uncle Alasdair, ‘Here comes your bride’. Even though I’d already seen Susan by this point I had a massive rush when I saw her again!
And your wedding party – how did you celebrate?
Susan: We came down the stairs to greet our evening guests, and fountain fireworks from 21cc went off either side of the stairs! We then cut the cake, it was a five teared beautiful work of Art by Liggy’s cakes (each layer a different flavour). The band then started with Ho Hey for our first dance and we managed to remember our little routine we had practiced at Dee’s Dancing. I was so focused on remembering the steps that I had momentarily forgotten about the petal drop! When it started it was just magical!
The band were simply fantastic. They blew everyone away and my mum who never dances was literally up dancing the whole night! At one point everyone was doing a massive conga. Steven from Gryffe also organised a video guest book which we can’t wait to see. He also filmed our thank you message and it was great to be able to say thanks in person to everyone who worked together to make our day so magical.
The whole day just flew in, and I know everyone says this but it really was the best day of my life so far. The whole experience from fantastic invitations, my amazing dress and jewellery, fantastic flowers and an out of this world wedding, really was the stuff dreams are made of. Starting our married life together, surrounded by all our friends and family enjoying themselves so much was just perfect. We couldn’t have asked for a better day and are eternally grateful to We Fell In Love, every single supplier, and everyone who voted for us!
Al: Our first dance was great fun and we were showered in petals as we danced. Our band really got the party started! The dance floor was mobbed and at one point they were all wearing face masks of Susan and I! Turns out I can play the sax pretty well! It was such a fantastic day. Thank you to everyone who voted for us to win. We really appreciate it and we hope everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did.

SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-033 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-034 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-036 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-037 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-038 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-039 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-041 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-042 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-043 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-044 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-046 SusanandAl-ChantalLachanceGibson-047

Just looking over these amazing photographs again makes me so excited about our #WFILwedding 2015 competition we’re running… Have you entered yet to win a magical winter wedding at Hopetoun House this November? Do it now! Alie xxx

Venue – Arta Glasgow
Stationery – Je T’adore Bespoke Wedding Stationery
Wedding dress – Anais Bridal Couture
Photography – Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography
Cinematography – Gryffe Wedding Films
Flowers – Mood Flowers
Bridal Accessories – Corrine Smith Design
Make-up Artist – Belle and Blackley
Hair Stylist – Lunatic Fringe
Cake – Liggy’s Cakes
Styling – Make Believe Events
Day time music – Capella
Entertainment – 21cc Fireworks
Band – Judge Hardie and the Crimes