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Whether you’ve got a lazy bank holiday ahead of you, or you’re looking for inspiration for your next girls’ night in, then what better than to indulge in some classic love stories straight from Hollywood? We’ve picked a few of our favourites that made us fall in love with love…

You can’t beat the classic black and white Hollywood film. How about some Roman Holiday, or a spot of Breakfast at Tiffany’s? They ooze Hollywood Glamour and you’ll yourself in the romance of a secret Princess on holiday in Rome, or Holly Golightly singing Moon River from her fire escape.

We all love the fairytale films that end with happily ever after and stories of summer romance. How about Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing? Or even a little bit of 1950s Grease…”Danny – is this the end?” Danny: “Of course not; it’s only the beginning”.

When love conquers despite all the odds we give a little cheer inside. And even though we’ve seen the films already, we still love them. From Slumdog Millionaire to the ill-fated, yet inevitable Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, the tragic becomes beautiful.

Or for the quirky ‘how will it end?’ love stories, how about Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind, or 500 Days of Summer?

And at the end of the day can you really beat a good wedding rom-com? Especially if you’ve got all the girls round and you just want a good giggle and some easy-viewing. We’re talking classics: Father of the Bride, 27 Dresses and of course the hilarious Bridesmaids…
Got your filmfest planned? What’s on your shortlist? Alie x