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Planning a wedding is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. One minute you’re on a total high and super-excited, the next you can be feeling overwhelmed and stressed out beyond belief. If it’s all getting a little too much then take a time out to grab a relaxing drink (tea or gin – we’ll let you decide!), and read these top tips from newly married Scottish brides.

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1. Keep calm and carry on
“As difficult as it seems, don’t stress the little stuff! It really melts into insignificance on the day. As long as you turn up and your partner is waiting there for you, nothing else really matters – the day is about marrying your “person”, so who really cares about the rest!?
“The first time we saw each other that day. We both cried and it was the first moment in the day we finally felt calm and all the stress of the morning just drained away.”


Anna and Aarron tied the knot in Edinburgh in a day full of vintage style. Photo by Neil Wykes Photography.
2. Don’t be afraid to put the brakes on
“We were inspired by… making the wrong decisions initially, getting carried away and planning a generic wedding that represented neither of us, that we couldn’t afford and that neither of us actually wanted. We stripped it right back, and had the most beautiful day we could ask for.
“Chill out, strip it back, don’t please anyone but yourself, don’t spend a fortune, and enjoy it! All the small stuff you get carried away on is meaningless – I should know, I was guilty of that first time round. I didn’t miss a bit of it.”

Skye elopement by Love skye photography-0022

Emily & Chris eloped to the Isle of Skye where they were married in an intimate ceremony on the banks of a loch before celebrating with dinner for two in a traditional thatched cottage. Photo by Love Skye Photography.
3. Make it personal
“Enjoy it! It was an amazing time planning and making everything, if something of a whirlwind at points. I left a day completely free at the end that allowed for some much needed relaxation time before the day itself. The wedding day itself went by so fast but we had a marvellous time surrounded by our closest friends and family.
“We wished to have a small and personal wedding, during which time we would have the opportunity to speak to all of our friends and family, many of who had travelled a considerable distance for the day. We did not want a big corporate event that could have occurred anywhere in the world, but instead a day that had personal touches of both of us and used local suppliers whenever possible.”

Suzanne Black Photography - Fingask Castle wedding-0018

Fiona & Matthew had a small and personal wedding at Abernyte Parish Church & Fingask Castle in Perthshire. Photo by Suzanne Black Photography.
4. Set aside some quiet time
“When planning your wedding you’ll need to make some concessions to ensure your day is inclusive of all your guests. Everyone will have an opinion on how the wedding should be, who should be invited, how much tradition you should keep, but you also have to make sure the day is what you and your husband want.
“At the end of the day, those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. And remember to specifically set aside some quiet time just for you and your husband to reflect on your day amongst all the madness!”

Jo Donaldson Photography - Sloans wedding-0031

5. Let it go
“Try to not kill yourself with detail; it’s the hardest thing for any bride who wants to personalise their wedding to do but there will be elements on the day that are never noticed. Go with your gut on decoration or how you want the day to unfold. Everyone has an opinion but it is your day and should be the way you and your partner want it.
“Let everything go on the actual day and enjoy, the most important thing is you and your husband to be!”


What’s the best piece of wedding advice you’ve been given? Christina x