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There’s no doubt that women feel under pressure to look perfect on our wedding day. But while we tend to air these anxieties with friends and then feel a million times better, there’s a good chance that the groom-to-be is quietly concerned as to how he’ll look too. From the perfectly fitting jacket to the smoothest of skin, our guide will have him looking more David Beckham and less David Brent for sure.


Preparation is key
Women are not the only ones who benefit from adopting a skincare regime in the run up to the wedding. And unlike brides, (most!) grooms don’t have a professional makeup artist on hand to help with any skin flare ups. Upping the amount of water he drinks and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in the weeks beforehand will stand him in good stead for the big day.
Esquire magazine also recommends that men not only embrace moisturiser, but that they keep an eye roll-on handy for dark circles and puffy eyes – Grooming tips every man should know. This could be a bit of a saviour if he has had one too many the night before, but taking it easy and getting a good night’s sleep is by far the best way to avoid looking bleary-eyed and ruddy faced on the morning of the wedding.

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The barber shop
Getting into a good hair routine in the months before will save any last minute panic caused by an unfamiliar barber going a little shear happy the week of the wedding. Similarly, timing the pre-wedding haircut to allow it to settle to the perfect length, and asking his barber which styling products he recommends, is another way to ensure that he will look great and feel confident.
And if he’s thinking of having a wet shave for the wedding, we’d recommend that he tries it out beforehand. We’ve spotted a few red faces on our wedding travels, on gents who haven’t been used to having such a close shave and whose skin has flared up as a result. Ouch!
It goes without saying (hopefully!), but if you’re marrying a hairy Highlander or hipster gent, then good beard maintenance is another must.

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A cut above
Whether he’s planning to wear a suit or a kilt, having his outfit made to measure will ensure the perfect, and most flattering, fit. It will also last longer if it’s a good fit – a tight fit will put extra tension on the fabric, which can result in thinning and splitting over time. Given that this is something that he really will be able to wear time and time again (unlike the dresses that many brides – myself included – happily blow the budget on!), it makes sense to invest in the best he can afford. Here’s our advice on how to choose a kilt outfit that will suit his personal style.
On the same note, a well-made pair of shoes will last for years. And make sure he breaks them in before the wedding. It’s a long day to be on your feet, whether you’re in heels or stiff new shoes.
If he will be hiring Highland dress or a morning suit, we cannot stress strongly enough the importance of being measured properly for the outfit, and then checking it fits well when collecting it. It is not unheard of for grooms to be accidentally given a jacket that is five sizes too big and spend the day looking like they’ve borrowed their dad’s. If you’re travelling from overseas and sending measurements by email, the same applies. He should check that everything fits perfectly before leaving the hire shop, no matter how tempting it is to head straight to the pub with all the guests who are coming into town!
And while we’re on the subject of the perfect fit, a shirt with a tight collar is a disaster. What may start as a bit of a pinch will rub his neck raw by the end of the night. Which is not fun at all!

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Practice makes perfect
Before the wedding day, it is wise to double check that your fiancé has packed all the accessories for his outfit – the socks, tie, belt, cufflinks, etc etc! So much emphasis is put on not forgetting the rings, that it is really common for other items, such as the kiltpin, to be left behind.
If he’s wearing ghillie brogues, he should practise tying the laces beforehand, to avoid spending most of the day squatting! And whether it’s a bow tie, cravat or regular tie, making sure he knows how to do it in advance will save time and stress on the day. While YouTube is great for these things, the wi-fi in your remote Scottish castle may not be the best!
For those choosing to wear a plaid with their kilt, practising putting it on beforehand is a must. Again, it’s crucial that the jacket fits well as the heavy fabric will pull a too large jacket off the shoulder, which looks a bit shan (to use a good Scottish word). If in doubt, keep it simple is our advice.

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Ready to Wear
If you’ve ever been to a military wedding, you will know what a difference a well pressed and polished outfit makes. Making sure that everything is clean and well aired in advance (he should ask his tailor or kiltmaker for advice on the best way to store, maintain and clean his outfit), plus ironed and polished the day before, will save any stress on the morning of the wedding. If he’s notorious for leaving things until the last minute or is always strapped for time, then consider using a professional service for this. And guess what? There’s an app for that!
At We Fell In Love HQ, we’ve been trying out Laundrapp – The Dry Cleaning and Laundry App this week. Available through iPhone, iPad and Android devices, it allows you to order laundry and dry cleaning services and have your items collected from your home and then delivered back to you once they are all shiny and clean!
Created by a team of experienced digital entrepreneurs, the innovative app started in London – where it has been well recieved – before being launched in Edinburgh. One of the additions for the Scottish launch is that kilt dry cleaning is now offered, as well as laundry/dry cleaning services for suits, shirts, dresses, etc. And there are plans to offer a wedding dress dry cleaning service soon too. Which sounds so much easier than bundling your dress into your car, struggling to find a parking space within a five mile radius and accidentally dragging the veil through a puddle enroute. Not that anyone here did that. Honest!
Anyway, we digress. Suffice to say that the app is super easy to use, the prices are really reasonable and the service that we received was spot on – when our plans changed and we had to reschedule the delivery date and time (you get to choose a one hour window for added convenience), it couldn’t have been simpler or more efficient. So do give it a go if you’re in the mood to save time and hassle (and who isn’t when planning a wedding?!).


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Anybody got any other good tips on menswear or male grooming? We’d love to hear your insider secrets! Christina x