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Sarah + Alasdair

Photographed by Kimberley Brand Photography

St Mary’s Cathedral

& The Signet Library


“It took them many years after their first meeting to really find each other but they finally did.” Inspired by the library setting, Sarah and Alasdair’s vintage wedding was interwoven with personal touches from penguin book invites, to a literary-inspired wedding cake…

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Love at first sight or gradual attraction?
Alasdair and I have been friends for 14 years now and together for 5 1/2. We met at school and have had a really close friendship and friendship group since. We all went to different universities but remained close and returned back to Edinburgh. We wrote a little synopsis of our story for the invite:
“this love story starts not with love at first sight, but with two strangers, who become friends, then best friends and then soul mates. It took them many years after their first meeting to really find each other but they finally did”
How did you personalise your wedding?
Sarah’s flowers were a representation of her late grandmother Rosemary with all her favourite flowers, roses and the addition of Rosemary (they smelt amazing). In the wedding venue, Sarah’s mother had made lace table covers to create an old vintage theme, where we placed old photographs of all our immediate family’s wedding photos. (Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles). We created a Canadian candy themed sweet table to represent where Sarah’s parents live at the moment and where Alasdair loves going to, for at least one or two holidays a year. Sarah, in collaboration with Liggy, designed the wedding cake to represent the book theme with her and Alasdair’s personal story printed onto the cake. The cake topper had to have them and their dog belle a black Labrador. Sarah’s aunt made the favours (old fashioned biscuit with a mould imprint of a Labrador dog on it). All decorations were made and created by Sarah.
We were inspired by…
The library setting, penguin book themed wedding invites, autumnal/winter time of year, bringing the outdoors, indoors for the tables. Decorations and personal touches were all inspired by us and our families.

The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-016 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-017 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-018 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-019 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-020 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-021 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-022 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-023 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-024 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-025 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-026 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-027

What was on your wedding menu?
Starter was a goats cheese and fig salad, main was wild boar and dauphinois potatoes, desert was a salted caramel bavaroise with popping candy.
What is your advice for future brides?
Enjoy every minute from the day of the engagement to the wedding, it goes by so quickly, especially the day and there is just nothing like it.
First dance – choreographed routine or sedate shuffle?
First dance was to “A thousand years” by Christina Perri. Our dance became one of a sedate shuffle as Alasdair had to keep an emotional Sarah dancing!
Where did you spend your wedding night?
We spent our wedding night in our own flat, we had the dog to get back to and look after. It was the nicest thing ever to return home and have the anti-climax of the best/ most elaborate day ever to going home and then having all your comforts there.
What is the one thing you’ll never forget about your wedding day?
Sarah- I will never forget first walking into the cathedral and standing next to Alasdair and thinking I can’t believe I’m marrying my best friend and feeling so happy.
Alasdair- Seeing Sarah walking down the aisle to the sound of Highland Cathedral on the pipes was a truly amazing moment, she looked stunning and the pipes just topped everything off!

The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-028 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-029 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-030 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-031 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-032 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-033 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-034 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-035 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-036 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-037 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-038 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-039 The-Signet-Library-Kimberley-Brand-040

Anyone else loving the idea of a book themed wedding cake? Alie x
Ceremony VenueSt Mary’s Cathedral, Palmerston place, Edinburgh
Reception VenueThe Signet Library, Edinburgh
CatererHeritage Portfolio
PhotographerKimberley Brand Photography
FloristPlanet Flowers, Edinburgh
Hair stylist – Hayley from Charlie Miller, Edinburgh
Make-up Artist – The Bride
Wedding dressDesign by Kavelle, Edinburgh
Wedding shoesRussell and Bromley
Accessories – Hair piece and earrings from Lily Luna, Edinburgh. Blue sapphire and diamond antique ring given to Sarah on the morning of, by her dad as her something blue.
Groom’s outfitWalker Slater for the jacket and waistcoat, Alasdair’s own kilt (Farquharson tartan). Tie – Alasdair’s school tie. All the best man / groomsman wore their school ties on the day.
StationeryWhite Blossom, Edinburgh
CakeLiggy’s, Edinburgh
Wedding Transport – Sarah and Alasdair took regular taxis by City Cabs, guests had coaches provided
Additional SuppliersBlush Booth, photo booth and Liam Ross Jeweller, Edinburgh designed our rings.