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Photographed by Kimberley Brand Photography

Timberyard Restaurant


Inspired by good food, a beautiful space and a relaxed atmosphere, Ashley and David’s wedding is the very essence of chilled. As soon as we clapped eyes on the blue shoes (and shoelaces) we were hooked…

Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-001 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-002 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-003 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-004 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-005 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-006 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-007 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-008

Love at first sight or gradual attraction?
We met two years before getting together – we were both working in the Middle East and then David ended up hiring me to work in Iraq! It was more gradual attraction, facilitated by whisky, but when we fell, we fell fast and deep. It was clear to us both really quickly that this was a really, really good idea.
How did you personalise your wedding?
We trusted that Timberyard would provide the space and the atmosphere that we wanted, and we were right. Only little touches were needed to make it ‘ours’ – for example, we had sunflowers and globe thistles as our flowers – sunflowers are the Kansas State flower (which is where David is from) and thistles from Scotland where Ashley is from.
What is your advice for future brides and grooms?
The main thing is to get a place where you and your guests are going to feel comfortable and relaxed, then focus on feeding people fairly substantially and give them plenty of booze. The rest will follow.
I’d probably have a wedding band if I did it again – I think it gets the crowd going and I think ours were too full to dance!

Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-009 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-010 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-011 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-012 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-013 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-014 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-015 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-016 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-017 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-018 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-019 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-020

What was on your wedding menu?
Wow, a lot of things! Timberyard did a tasting style menu, the main things I remember were the smoked beef main course and some wonderful pea foam and oysters to start.
First dance – choreographed routine or sedate shuffle?
Terrible drunken shuffle.
What is the one thing you’ll never forget about your wedding day?
When I walked up our ‘aisle’ (it was raining, so I was really just walking into the restaurant,) David was staring in the opposite direction and completely ignoring me. Everyone else was smiling and looking, but he was nervous and didn’t see me coming. When I reached him, and touched his shoulder, he actually jumped! It was so funny, and then we gave each other a big hug. Everyone laughed and it really lightened the mood, we have a photo of this moment that I just love.

Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-021 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-022 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-023 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-024 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-025 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-026 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-027 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-028 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-029 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-030 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-031 Timberyard-Restaurant-Kimberley-Brand-032

I love the story of David ‘jumping’ at the top of the aisle. Anyone else taken their groom by fright? Alie x
VenueTimberyard Restaurant
PhotographerKimberley Brand Photography
Florist – A really nice lady from my Mum’s church called Flossie
Hair stylist and Make-up Artist – Sharon and Monica from Made-up
Wedding dressLena Medoyeff, Portland, Oregon
Accessories – Earrings from India, bought in Nairobi, headband from my Mum
Groom’s outfitFore and Aft Menswear, Beirut
Stationery – Designed by David’s Mum. David’s Mum made table decorations with our home towns and other places we have lived.
CakeCakes by Becky
Wedding Transport – Edinburgh Taxis