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Winter Dates

Is there a better season to plan some date nights (or days) with your other half? Winter time in Scotland is brimming with options. Here are a few of our favourites to inspire your romantic inclinations…

Edinburgh Winter Wonderland 2014-12-19_0021 2014-12-19_0022

1. Visit Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland
Whether you visit every year, or it’s your first time, there’s no better place for a winter date than Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland. It has it all – shopping, ice-skating, fairground rides and of course some warming gluhwein (with a mug to take home if you like a souvenir). So maybe it’s time to get your skates on?

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2. Head Outdoors
Scotland is abundant in scenery and space. Get your boots on and get outdoors. Remember it’s free and the longer a route you take the more time you have to chat, plan and daydream…

Wine and whisky tasting Scotland

3. Wine or Whisky Tasting
How about an evening together sampling your favourite tipple? If you’re looking for whisky tasting then Edinburgh’s Whiski Rooms has a dedicated tasting room within the shop available for whisky tastings any time between 10am and 7pm – perfect for that spontaneous during-the-day date. Or have a look at Glasgow Wine School, who as well as running courses, run evening events such as the World of Wine: Discover Australia and New Zealand at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 20th January.

Winter Movies

4. A Movie Night
Is there anything better than curling up on the sofa, shutting the world outside and watching your favourite movie? How a bit of actual winter (and reliving a childhood classic) with the Chronicles of Narnia? If you’ve never seen Dumb and Dumber, now is the time as the long-awaited (is it really 20 years?) sequel has just been released. One of my all-time favourites is Stephen King’s Misery (a bit of scary is always good when there’s two of you in the room).
Or how a bit of winter romance with the Serendipity (some top quality ice-skating to inspire)? It’s romance of a different kind, but March of the Penguins is a pretty breathtaking (and decidedly wintery) film. And of course the wonderful have-to-watch-it-at-Christmas Love Actually. In fact, why not hole-up and have a couple of duvet days watching as many favourite films as you can?

night away scotland

5. A Night away
The ultimate date night of course is a staying somewhere special date. It may be winter, but it could be the perfect time to try out some glamping? We love the look of these traditional Mongolian Yurts or these Wooden Pods in Perthshire. And if you’re up for something less like camping, how about a restaurant with a room or two to fall up the stairs after a top dining experience? Somewhere like the Peat Inn or Monachyle Mhor perhaps?
Personally winter is my favourite season. We hope you have lots of romantic dates planned over the holidays… Alie x