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Photographed by Craig & Eva Sanders

at Glencorse House


When Kimberly’s email popped in, describing their wedding as the perfect rom-com we were already hooked on their story. A wedding that was planned from three continents turned out to be nothing less than the beautiful dream Kimberly and Iain had imagined.

Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-001 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-002 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-003 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-004 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-005 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-006 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-007 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-008 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-009 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-010 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-011

Who saw who first?
This is a tricky one! We have a crazy, convoluted backstory. We originally met in Scotland in 2005 when I was backpacking after graduating college in the states. Never one to turn down a potentially free place to stay, my friends had emailed Iain (he was the younger brother of their next door neighbour, a Scottish physics professor at the university we attended). Iain replied saying he’d be happy to meet everyone upon arrival in Glasgow!
After the worst bus journey from London to Glasgow, we arrived sweaty, crabby, and exhausted at the restaurant where we were meeting Iain. His warm welcome, sense of humor, and generosity immediately turned us weary travelers around and a great night at the pub was had by all! Iain invited us to crash on his couch, and then we all had a blast touring around Scotland for a couple days with him as the guide. For the next few years, even though we were seeing other people off and on, he and I always kept in touch through email and instant messages, in addition to friendly holiday visits.
When I went back to Scotland one summer, the sparks flew. But since we had an ocean separating us, we didn’t start a relationship, and continued to communicate via internet. Then I guess Iain changed his mind about long-distance, because a couple years later, he conspired with my best friend to pull off a grand romantic gesture! Fooling me into thinking he would be in Scotland for Christmas, Iain secretly had his holidays in Alabama with family. Then, a couple days after Christmas, my doorbell rang. There stood Iain with his suitcase, much to my shock and delight! He planned all along to surprise me, and attend a New Year’s trip my friends and I were doing. He officially asked me to be his bird after that – it was January 2010 and I had a feeling right then that this relationship was going to be different from the others. We survived the long distance: first Scotland to Alabama, then Scotland to Brazil (where I had taken a job), and he eventually joined me in Brazil, then proposed a couple of years later.
We were inspired by…
How enchanting Scotland is! We wanted kilts and bagpipes but with an enchanted forest-feel, so I chose colors reflective of that idea, and the flowers looking more garden-gathered and natural than tailored and matchy. The flowers and decorations were stunning, and I couldn’t have been happier. My bridesmaids told me that the whole atmosphere was just like my wedding Pinterest page that we’d all been looking at for months! That made me feel good, knowing it turned out as beautiful as I’d hoped.
How did you personalise your wedding day?
With little touches here and there related to us. We both like browsing used bookstores (especially me!), so we did some vintage styling all over. Paying homage to our extensive travels, we used a map, old airmail envelopes, and country names for our table plan. We also had luggage tag wedding favors for each of the guests.
People were so surprised and delighted at our “cake of cheese”, which was also just perfect for us, as everyone knows how much we love cheese. Also, I had a special heart sewn inside my wedding dress that had satin from my grandmother’s wedding gown, and lace from my mother’s (my something “old”). Finally, I attached a charm to my bouquet with a picture of Iain’s mum. She passed away five years ago, and I wanted to show Iain and his dad that she was there with us on the day. These special touches were really meaningful.

Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-012 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-013 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-014 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-015 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-016 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-017 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-018 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-019 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-020 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-021 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-022 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-023 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-024

What was on your wedding menu?
Canapés (Haggis in Mini Duchess Potatoes, Beef and Horseradish Mini Yorkshire Puddings, Blinis topped with Goat’s Cheese, Beetroot and Date Caviar, Hummus and Pimento Mini Pitas) during the garden reception then dinner was three courses: a Caramelised Pear and Walnut Salad to start, Chicken with Brie, Pink Peppercorns and Cream, Pan-Fried Mediterranean Vegetables with Basil and Olive Oil, and Roasted Potatoes for the main, and Dark Chocolate Torte with a Raspberry Coulis for dessert. We also had a vegan option for a handful of our guests. The food was so amazing, and we got tons of compliments. I had heard so many times that the wedding day is such a whirlwind that bride and groom don’t really get to taste the food, and I knew I did NOT want that to be us, food-lovers that we are. Iain and I had an incredibly delicious meal that we were able to savor, thanks to Paul and his staff at Blackberry Cuisine.
Sedate shuffle. We toyed with the idea of choreographing something, but instead just let the sweet song we chose speak for us. .
Try not to get overwhelmed with the little details and endless options out there. Picture what you want the day to look like in your mind, and then leave the rest out. It really does all come together in the end. And if you don’t have a fully clear picture in your head at the start, hire a wedding coordinator. Planning from three different continents, there’s no way we could have pulled it off so beautifully without Yvonne!
The time at the end of the reception when Corra started playing “Auld Lang Syne” and all the guests held hands in a circle, singing, swaying and running forward and back with us floating in the middle. I have always loved that song, and if I had been told that this was tradition at a Scottish wedding, I had totally forgotten! So it was such a sweet and happy ending to the night, literally surrounded by all our family and closest friends (many of whom travelled thousands of miles to be there with us), I knew it was a moment I would cherish forever.
Why Scotland?
It is Iain’s home sweet home, and oh so romantic.

Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-025 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-026 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-027 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-028 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-029 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-030 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-031 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-032 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-033 Craig-Eva-Sanders-Photography-Glencourse-House-034

I love the idea of luggage tags as wedding favours. Anyone else planning a travel theme for their wedding? Alie x
Ceremony SettingGlencorse Old Kirk
Reception VenueGlencorse House
Wedding PlannerSixpence Weddings & Events – Yvonne was INCREDIBLE
PhotographerCraig and Eva Sanders Photography
FilmmakerCherry Tree Films
FloristI Heart Flowers
Make-Up ArtistLaura Darling
Hair StylistAnne Quin
Wedding dressBridal Bliss in Homewood, Alabama, USA
ShoesMelissa + J. Maskrey Swarovski crystal flats
AccessoriesBhldn and borrowed pieces from my Mom
Bridesmaid’s DressesJ. Crew
Groom’s outfitHouston Traditional Kiltmakers
StationeryAnnabelle’s in Vestavia, Alabama, USA
TransportEcosse for my father and I to the Kirk and Allan’s Coaches for a shuttle to/from a hotel for the guests
CakeBlackberry Cuisine made a marvellous “cake of cheese”, since we are both so crazy about cheese.
CatererBlackberry Cuisine
BandCorra were a spectacular mix of ceilidh, oldies, and new music – they really got the party going!
Additional SuppliersPleyel String Quartet and Pipe Major Iain Grant.

  • Kathy Kendrick - November 5, 2014 - 12:22 pm

    Kim, what a beautiful wedding! It looks perfect, and you both look so happy!ReplyCancel

  • Jim Loch - November 5, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    The day was every bit as perfect as it looks. I wish Iain and Kim a wonderfully full life together.
    With much love from the Father of the Groom.ReplyCancel

  • Sally MacDonald - November 6, 2014 - 12:52 pm

    What fun to relive such a beautiful day! It was truly magical!ReplyCancel

  • Amie Bello - November 7, 2014 - 7:01 pm

    Aside from all the other lovely details of your day, I am just in love with your cake topper. I’ve been searching for months for one that would make me say, “YES! That’s it!” Well, yours just took the proverbial cake. Mind if I steal your idea?ReplyCancel

  • Steve - Cherry Tree Films - February 26, 2015 - 3:49 pm

    LOVED these guys 🙂 So much fun and what a beautiful day. Oh and who knew that bacon could be so important during the early part of a relationship…. watch this to find out why 😉