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Top five tips for


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There’s no doubt that planning a wedding can be stressful for even the most laidback bride-to-be. And despite your best intentions to stay cool throughout, chances are you’re putting yourself under a great deal of pressure to get everything just right…

Keep calm for brides

I’ve been married for over seven years and still remember the pre-wedding nightmares all too well – waking up in a cold sweat after dreaming that I’d walked down the aisle minus my very lovely shoes (little did I know at the time, this is in fact a thing – although less common in rural Angus), wearing my Grandad’s top hat (again, perfectly acceptable as it turns out) or missing my front teeth (not so great, unless you’re going big on the Breaking Bad theme).
So, just how do you stay calm in the face of calamity/demanding relatives/your very annoying perfectionist self (delete as appropriate)? By taking some advice from recently married brides, that’s how!
1. Take out wedding insurance
“We had to change our venue twice, once as the wedding venue wrongly stated they could hold our capacity, and the second venue’s roof collapsed three months before the wedding! It may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, but in the grand scheme of wedding budgets it’s not that much. When we had to choose a new last-minute venue, our wedding insurance gave us several thousand pounds to fund the gap between the original and the new venue.”

Lifetime photography St Andrews wedding - St Salvators & Old Course Hotel-0016

Lucy & Jonathan were married at St Salvators Chapel & The Old Course Hotel in St Andrews. They took out their wedding insurance with John Lewis. Photo by Lifetime Photography.
2. Never mind the weather
“Try not to stress about things you have no control over (like the weather!); take a step back during the day and take everything in and enjoy every second – it goes by in a flash!”

Scottish Irish wedding - Hannah McKernan Photography-0044

Louisa & Paul were married at Star of the Sea & Beech Hill Country House Hotel in Co. Derry, Northern Ireland. Photo by Hannah McKernan Photography.
3. Do your own thing
“Nevermind ‘bridezilla’, they should coin the term ‘guestzilla’! Stick to your guns with the decisions you make together with your groom and don’t fret if your guests wanted something different. They will all come around in the end. Be sure to appreciate each other throughout all of the planning stages, stick together and present a united front. Say “yes” to everyone and everything suggested by well-intentioned guests with a view towards sifting through it all and only executing the bits you and your groom actually want for your wedding!
“And remember, no matter how much ‘inspiration’ you’ve looked at, your wedding will become a beautiful, wonderful ‘thing in its own’ whatever way it goes down on the actual day. It will all be totally worth it!”


Seònaid + Adam were married at Crear in Argyll. Photo by Bill Baillie Photography.
4. Make a weekend of it
“Make a weekend of your wedding celebrations, by getting people together before (a lunch or dinner the night before) and BBQ or pub lunch the following day. You get such little time with people on the day itself that additional events mean you get to talk properly with everyone. Plus it eeks out the celebrations, which would be over in a heartbeat otherwise.
“And go on your honeymoon straight away. The post wedding blues are a real thing (especially if you have an all-weekend series of event). Cushioning the come-down with an amazing two week holiday is the best medicine.”

Jen Owens Images - Balbirnie House wedding photography-0001

Jo & Veneet were married at Balbirnie House in Fife. Photo by Jen Owens Images.
5. Personality goes a long way
“Pick your suppliers based on personality. Sure they have to be good, but I also wanted people I liked involved in my day – it helped make it the warm, personal day I wanted. I genuinely liked everyone I worked with.
“And on the day relax and go with the flow – you’ve done your part, now let everyone do theirs.”


Jessica & Michael were married at Aikwood Tower in Selkirk. Photo by Emma Lawson Photography.
Such great advice here – and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of wedding insurance! Anything else that our newlywed readers would add to this list? Christina x