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Post Wedding Shoot

Photographed by Aboyne Photographics

Glenfiddich Distillery-Scotland

A love of all things Scottish – most importantly the whisky – brought Kentie and Douglas all the way from Singapore for this gorgeous post-wedding shoot. We love – a lot.

Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-001 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-002 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-003 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-004 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-005 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-006 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-007 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-008 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-009 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-010

How did you meet – was it love at first sight or gradual attraction?
It was a gradual attraction. We met through other friends when we were 18. She thought I was dodgy. I thought she looked like a boy with her short hair. The group of friends we were in used to meet up very often and as we got to know each other the attraction grew, but either I was dating or she was. I asked her out on a date on Mothers Day. We starting dating at 21/22…
And was the proposal a surprise?
I had been away to study in London. Kentie had made the effort to come visit, which proves that long distance relationships work. In my final year we took a trip to Scotland. It was then that I realised I wanted her in my life and that she wanted to spend hers with me.
We decided to buy a property together as an investment. After a week of inking the papers confirming the purchase I decided to take her to just take a look at where our unit would eventually be built. There was a park behind the proposed development within line of sight and that was where I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Her response ‘mmm ok’. I was like what!!!! Who says ‘mmm ok’, but what would you expect from a girl that loves whisky!

Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-011 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-012 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-013 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-014 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-016

Where and when did your wedding take place?
We are legally married and instead of an engagement ceremony we did our signing with the Registry of Marriages in Singapore. The Ceremony was held in my house with a small 150 people two days after our shared birthday. We have decided on the banquet for Feb 15th 2015, which will be held at the Rasa Sentosa Shangrila Hotel.
Tell us a bit about your post-wedding shoot – why did you choose Scotland?
Some of the things we love most are nature, travel, Scotland – everything about it, including the food and people and of course the whisky!!!
What’s your favourite thing about being husband and wife? ?
Waking up next to someone so different yet so similar who understands you. That pretty face in the morning. Having a friend that you enjoy spending time with doing the things that you love.

Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-017 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-018 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-019 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-020 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-021 Kentie-Douglas-Aboyne-Photographics-022

What a top location for a post-wedding shoot. Feeling inspired to get your glad rags on and book a couple shoot? Alie x
Location – Glenfiddich Distillery
Photographer – Aboyne Photographics