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Photographed by SDM Photography

at Talmine Beach


A shipwreck on a remote beach in the north of Scotland was the setting for this wonderfully simple, yet beautifully styled wedding. For these two it was all about their relationship with the land, sea, their family, friends and each other…


Who saw who first?
Not sure! We met in a club called The Warehouse, in Preston, which was Gary’s regular haunt.
We were inspired by…
The sea, the beach, wanting it to be about us, about being organic and about enjoying the journey to getting married!
How did you personalise your wedding day?
By making it about relationships: our relationship with the location, with our family and our wonderful friends. By getting married on a ship-wreck! By having a humanist ceremony, with the very special celebrant Penelope Hamilton. By having handmade rings: Amber’s was in 3 sections to represent Gary, Emmie & Ella. Each of them placed their section on Amber’s finger as part of the ceremony. By having a sand ceremony to represent us coming together as a family: We each had a little vial which we poured into a larger container. By Emmie (6) doing a reading by James Croft called ‘Do I love you to the moon and back? (Not a dry eye on the beach!)By sending ‘three things’ that we loved about the other, to Penelope, before the day. Amber did ‘three and a bit things’ i.e. a side of A4!

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We weren’t really doing convention! Gary, spontaneously, had ‘the first dance’ with our friend Sunny.
What’s your advice for future brides and grooms?
This is about your relationship. Don’t let the detail get in the way of that. Trust in the process. Enjoy the journey.
Where did you spend your wedding night?
In a house which a wonderful friend let us borrow. We stayed for the week which made our time there even more special. We were able to walk from the house onto the beach for the ceremony.
What is the one thing you’ll never forget about your wedding day?
The simplicity, the setting, the laughter, the tears and the immense amount of love between all of us.

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Why Scotland?
Talmine, for us, is a soulful and restful place in which the complexities of life are stripped away and all you are left with is your relationship with the land, the sea, the weather and each other. The people were so generous: celebrating with us, laughing with us, lending us forgotten items and having the time, and consideration, to tell us important tales which made our time there even more meaningful..
I love that Amber and Gary’s wedding was as much about the journey as the day itself. Anyone else enjoying the planning bit as much as the wedding? Alie x
Ceremony Setting – A ship wreck, on the beach, in Talmine (North Scotland). We holiday in Talmine every couple of years and we all love playing on this beach. Emmie (our daughter) named the ship-wreck Dory (after the fish in Nemo). It’s a public beach and, fantastically, a local gentleman interrupted our ceremony to tell us the history of the boat.
Reception VenueThe Craggan Hotel, Melness.
A month later we continued the celebrations by having a marquee reception party with all our family and friends at Amber’s parents’ house (Nr Preston, Lancashire)
Photographer – The super talented SDM Photography.
Florist – I didn’t have flowers as I wanted to hold my children’s hands as we walked down from the house. The buttonholes from the Artisan Dried Flower Company.
Hair stylist – My bridesmaid Camille did her own and helped me with mine. My friend Sunny ‘curled’ the girls’ hair.
Make-up artist – Camille and I went to Bobbi Brown a few weeks before the wedding and bought some make-up. We wanted it to be a simplistic ceremony without any fuss.
Wedding dress – Bought from Halo & Ellis in Preston. I was going to go for a red dress, so I was ‘unconventionally conventional’ to Gary.
ShoesIrregular Choice
Accessories – GA necklace of my two girls’ fingerprints which I had made when my youngest, Ella, was born.
Groom’s outfitSlaters, Preston
Bridesmaids’ dressesDebut, Debenhams; Flowergirls – Monsoon
Cake – The cake was created by Emmie, Ella, Poppy, Phoebe, Jazzy and George (the 6 children with us). It featured a sea scene and a pig (Ella’s contribution!) Amber managed to drop the whole cake on the floor at the reception. Miraculously, it landed upright!
Transport – Our feet! Our friend, Brad, in his 4×4 transported the boys to The Craggan prior to the ceremony. He then drove the wedding party there afterwards. Following the celebrations at The Craggan, Tracey (a fantastic member of staff from The Craggan) drove us all home.