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Susan + Al

Engagement shoot

Photographed by Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography


We’ve been counting down the days to their wedding, pouring over their plans and revelling in their weekly photo ops. The other week Susan and Al took time out to spend some time together and let Chantal and Scott capture some gorgeous photographs of them together. Perfect we thought.

SusanandAl-001 SusanandAl-002 SusanandAl-003 SusanandAl-004 SusanandAl-005 SusanandAl-006

Tell us about the location for your shoot…
We picked Mugdock for the shoot because we’ve enjoyed going there a few times for a walk. It’s great being out in the countryside away from the busy city now and again. Going for walks and being active has been a big part of our relationship..
Did you plan your look for the shoot, or go with the flow?
We didn’t put a great deal of thought into what we would wear! We wore what we would normally wear going for a walk really. I thought I’d smarten it up a little by wearing my jacket instead of a hoodie!

SusanandAl-007 SusanandAl-008 SusanandAl-009 SusanandAl-010 SusanandAl-011 SusanandAl-012 SusanandAl-013 SusanandAl-014 SusanandAl-015 SusanandAl-016 SusanandAl-017

Highlights of your shoot?
The most memorable part of the shoot was perhaps not what you would call a highlight! We lost track of time a little and ended up getting locked in the carpark! We dabbled with various escape plans but ultimately chose the sensible option of getting a taxi back home and then going to collect our cars the following day. It wasn’t ideal but it we can look back and laugh about it now!

SusanandAl-018 SusanandAl-019 SusanandAl-020 SusanandAl-021 SusanandAl-022 SusanandAl-023

Something tells me these two are going to make a rather hot bride and groom. What say you people? Alie x
Location – Mugdock Country Park, Glasgow
Photographer – Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography