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Photographed by Craig & Eva Sanders

at Culzean Castle


Soft, dreamy and oh so romantic, this Scottish-Aussie wedding brought many of the guests to Scotland for the first time. And how better than to celebrate in style in an exquisite 18th century castle?

CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-001 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-002 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-003 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-004 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-005 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-006 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-007 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-008 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-009 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-010 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-011 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-012 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-013 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-014

Love at first sight or gradual attraction?
Gradual Attraction we were very good friends for about 2 years before we got together.
How was the question popped?
In the gardens by the Eiffel Tower in Paris.
Wedding Style?
Romantic Heritage (I think?)
Old – My engagement ring has Diamonds, which were in Chris’s Grandma’s ring; New – My Dress; Borrowed – My bridesmaid Lizzy gave me her Nana’s ring to borrow; Blue – I designed my wedding shoes and had the lining done in blue
Did you embrace or ditch tradition?
I think we embraced tradition. Chris and the boys were really excited to wear kilts for the first time and get into the Scottish tradition and I had a sixpence in my shoe! One tradition I forgot was to throw my bouquet! We had a garden party at my mum’s house the day after our wedding, so I threw it the next day instead.

CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-015 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-016 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-017 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-018 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-019 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-020 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-021 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-022 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-023 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-024 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-025 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-026 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-027 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-028 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-029

Any unexpected moments?
Well …. We had been advised that we did not require a visa to get married in Scotland. When we arrived from Australia, We were told by airport immigration that Chris could not come into the UK as he didn’t have a marriage visa. Chris had to fly all the way back to Australia to get a marriage visa and fly back to Scotland! We thought that we might have to cancel the wedding, as he would not make it back in time! Luckily his visa was granted in time and he made it back 3 days before the wedding.
Best compliment on your wedding?
The biggest compliment was that so many people travelled to come to our wedding. We had guests fly from Australia, America, Japan and Africa. It was so wonderful to have all our friends and family from across the world all together and so kind of them all to go to such a big effort and expense to come.
Honeymoon or Mini-Moon?
We had 2 weeks in Italy, firstly in Florence, then we went to Praiano on the Amalfi Coast, then we stopped in Singapore for 2 nights on the way back to Australia.
Why Scotland?
I (Tammy) grew up in Scotland and my family live there. We considered getting married in Sydney where we live, but my Grandparents would not have been able to come so we decided on Scotland. We are really happy we did and so many of our family and friends from Australia came to Scotland for the first time and they all loved it.
Favourite thing about being hitched?
It feels really special to know that you have each other forever.

CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-030 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-031 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-032 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-033 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-034 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-035 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-036 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-037 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-038 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-039 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-040 CraigEvaSanders-CulzeanCastle-041

Wow- Chris had a huge journey to make to ensure the wedding happened. Anyone else had last minute wedding hiccups to resolve? Alie x
VenueCulzean Castle, Ayrshire
PhotographerCraig and Eva Sanders Photography
FloristMemories Forever
Make-Up ArtistCraig Alexander Wilson
Hair StylistLidia Attino, Volume Hair
Wedding dress – Custom Made by Corston Couture, Sydney Australia
ShoesShoes of Prey
Accessories – Earrings from Tok Bros Jewellery, Sydney; Hair Clip from Etsy
Bridesmaid’s DressesZimmerman
Groom’s outfitKenny’s Menswear, Cumnock, Ayrshire
StationeryWedding Paper Divas
CakeLiggy’s Cake Company
BandBakerloo Line