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Dance Songs

With Father’s Day so close, it’s got us thinking of the top songs for that all important dance with your Dad at your wedding. From the tear-jerkers to the to-tappers, here’s some to get you thinking…

Father-Daughter Dance 2014-06-13_0004
Father-Daughter Dance Ideas

Everyone knows your wedding day is going to be such a big day for your Dad. Not only does he have to walk his daughter down the aisle, but he’s also a little-bit-host and a little-bit-entertainer.
So when it comes to dancing with his daughter it may be an emotional moment.
You could pick something like Steve Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” (seriously you have no idea how much I cried when I first heard this song), or a bit country and western with Lee-Ann Womack’s ‘I Hope You Dance” (yes the one Ronan Keating covered). Or perhaps a bit of Madonna with her classic “I’ll Remember“. And a personal favourite, Ben Folds “Gracie“.
If you’re wanting to stick with a classic you could take the lead from the movies. Tracks like “My Girl” (Father of the Bride) and “Wind Beneath My Wings” (Beaches) are timeless and therefore can’t be counted as cheese.

Father Daughter Dance

If you’re thinking of have a special Father-Daughter dance, then why not ask Dad what he’d like to dance to? It could be a song that means a lot to him, or maybe just a favourite. How about something like Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young” or Bruce Springsteen’s “I’ll Be There”.

Father Daughter Dance Songs

Or you could pick something a little bit more contemporary with a bit of a beat, to set the party tone. How about something like Athlete’s “Beautiful” or Cold Play’s “A Sky Full of Stars“?
So girls, have you picked a song for Dad yet, what brings tears to your eyes? We’d love to hear your thoughts.