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Voting closes soon!

The clock is ticking and five couples are pulling out all the stops in a bid to win the We Fell In Love City Chic Wedding competition. From celebrity retweets to being featured on the news, they’ve been going all out to gather votes. So, who will celebrate their big day in the atmospheric surroundings of Arta on Sunday, August 31st 2014? With voting closing at noon tomorrow, we’ve given each of the couples one last chance to bag your vote.

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Here to update us on how they’ve been drumming up support, and to tell us why they should win, are the final five in the We Fell In Love City Chic Wedding.

Sarah + Jonathan 2014-05-04_006

“The question of why you should vote for us brings up memories of being a short girl trying out for basketball team and never being the first to be picked (or 2nd, or 3rd). I’m traumatised. Just joking. Seriously though, I’ve read through all of the finalist’s stories and believe we all deserve to win a wedding. However, I can tell you what’s unique about Jonathan and I as finalists… We are the only American couple. We are the only military couple. Our relationship has endured one of the hardest tests of time… the very real possibility that death at any given moment could be something we would have to accept. This very fact has allowed us to cherish every moment with each other and live life to the fullest. Also, we would be so appreciative of being able to explore the beauty and traditions of Scotland and incorporate them into our wedding day.
“We’ve been completely nagging people on Facebook to vote for us, sending out reminder texts, and personal messages. I’ve asked people at Stanford University and officers in my unit to vote for me. I’ve been completely inappropriately utilising any connections I have to win this wedding. One of the coolest shares we got was from a Facebook page run by two veterans supporting other veterans called OnPoint USA. It was really heartwarming to see the military community really support our desire to get married in Scotland!
“So if all this emotional heartwarming stuff isn’t enough to get you to vote for us, than I will say that I can absolutely guarantee that I will have the HOTTEST shoes on under my dress. The question of the day is… will it be combat boots, cowboy boots, or sparkly heels? Vote for me and you’ll see!”


Read Sarah + Jonathan’s story. To vote for Sarah + Jonathan, head to the app on our Facebook page using this link.

Dawn&Mark 2014-05-04_007

“Both Mark and I feel so lucky to have been given this amazing opportunity in being a part of the We Fell In Love Wedding competition.
It’s such an exciting and fun time full of laughter, the memories we are making our family will never forget. And we hope to make an unforgettable one by winning the wedding.
“We would love for you to vote for us as it would change our life as a family. We would all be “Fultons” at last, no more three against one. We have been blessed with two beautiful children and our next stage is to become husband and wife. We can’t even begin to express what it would mean to us if we won. Mark and I are truly the definition of childhood sweethearts and are winners regardless as we have each other. But we are in it to win it, and need your votes – please vote Dawn and Mark.
“We have been gathering support and votes by using social media, Facebook and Twitter. The response has been overwhelming. Our local community and the whole of Ayrshire are all behind us, the good luck wishes have been outstanding. We can’t thank people enough, we are so grateful. We have put posters up everywhere too.
“Our local newspaper has run a story about us and the competition. They have done us proud – the article is great. Local business are behind us too – they are going to gift us with a selection of goodies for our big day if we are the winning couple.
“We have had a very exciting week on Twitter with lots of retweets and good luck messages from celebrities (including singer Rebecca Ferguson, TV chef Lorraine Pascale & Britain’s Got Talent winner Jai McDowell, who is from Ayrshire) and people all over the world saying that they love our personal story.”


Read Dawn + Mark’s story. To vote for Dawn + Mark, head to the app on our Facebook page using this link.

Liza + John 2014-05-04_004

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the support from our Facebook family and friends, the feedback has been fantastic. We’re still in shock that we have gotten this far in the competition and we would be ecstatic if we won this amazing prize.
“We have mainly relied on Facebook as our support for public votes as we are quite a quiet couple and having this much publicity is very out of character, but saying that we have thoroughly enjoyed all the comments on our page.
“So we would just like to wish all the other couples the best of luck with the final few days of voting and hope all our friends and family who have not yet managed to vote could help us push some last minute votes to help us win this once in a lifetime wedding package.”


Read Liza + John’s story. To vote for Liza + John, head to the app on our Facebook page using this link.

Susan & Al 2014-05-04_001

“After receiving a phone call telling us we were in the final five, our feet have not touched the ground!! In between lectures, hospital ward rounds and bedside teaching, Susan has thought of nothing else other than how we can try and get support for the competition; whilst Al feels like he’s been working two full time jobs!
“As a surprise 30th birthday trip for Al, a group of us headed down to Alton Towers for the weekend. We handed out flyers in the queue and also to the staff who said they would put it on the staff Facebook page. We also sweet-talked our hotel receptionist into spreading the word. Susan and her friend Lucy then trawled the charity shops for a wedding dress – getting one in the Salvation Army for £14.99 and a veil for £10 from the Oxfam bridal shop. Total bargain! Lucy borrowed a bridesmaid dress and off they skipped to the university with a basket of sweets and handfuls of flyers for fellow students. It went down so well that the university Facebook page published our story. Then STV got in touch as they had heard about the wedding dress shenanigans! Excited and delighted doesn’t even come close… it turned out to be the most read story of the day! Two newspapers also featured our story and there are other papers in the pipeline, with talks of follow up stories if we’re successful.
“Meanwhile, Al has been furiously tweeting all our favourite people on Twitter. We’ve had some fantastic retweets from Al’s childhood hero Pat Sharp, Susan’s favourite indie bands Frightened Rabbit and We Were Promised Jet Packs and comedian Tom Stade. Al also hijacked the microphone at his work’s quiz night and threatened to cancel the buffet unless people voted. His friend, who is First Mate in the Merchant Navy sent a request around his ship to vote – Captain’s Orders!
“Long Tall Sally were keen to share our story and reposted on their Facebook site, which was fantastic, although there were some questions regarding where on earth Al could get a dress big enough to run a charity 10km in, and now he’s working on his (male) friends to run as his bridesmaids! And one of Susan’s university friends joked that if he runs for parliament, he would like Susan on his campaign team as she was really pulling out all the stops.
“We have lived, dreamt and breathed this competition for the last 10 days and it’s been so much fun and SO exciting! It is also very nerve racking knowing that something we would love so much depends on others voting for us. We have been overwhelmed by how much support we have received, Susan’s mum even set up a Facebook account so she could vote, which was very sweet.
“If we’ve made you laugh with any of our crazy efforts, we’d really, really appreciate your vote! This hints at the amount of effort we’d put into our marriage, and we’ve really enjoyed working as a team thinking up novel ways of asking people to support us.”


Read Susan + Al’s story. To vote for Susan + Al, head to the app on our Facebook page using this link.

Lauren & Billy 2014-05-04_005

“The last week has passed in a bit of a blur of excitement and nerves! The support that Billy and I have received from our lovely friends and family has been amazing! Everyone has been voting, liking and sharing on their pages, which means a lot to us to have that support. It has been really nice reading the messages of support people have been leaving us and being at the other side of the world to most of our family and friends it has been really heartwarming knowing that they all wish us well.
“My mum has got really into Tweeting and has been updating me daily on who has Re-Tweeted her! Her list includes; Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox, Miss USA, Yvie Burnett, Eddie Reader, Giovanna Fletcher and Colin McCredie to name a few!
“We have also sent emails and asked our work colleagues to vote! We have even had two special little campaigners do their bit for Auntie Lauren & Uncle Billy! What would Auntie Lauren & Uncle Billy having a wedding mean to April Louise (aged 3) “I will be a flower girl and get to wear glitter and hold flowers.” So you see, not only does it mean so much for Billy and I but it also means a great deal to our family too. They too have been waiting for this day to come for a long time and are all super excited that it could happen in August if we win!
“But in all seriousness, being a nurse in a busy Emergency Department, I have witnessed that life can change in a split second and we may already have waited for 10 years but we have loved each other from day one and we don’t want to wait any longer to become husband and wife. If we did win this wedding it would be a huge help to us financially and we would be able to put our current savings towards a house here in Australia, where we can begin our married life together.
“We would get married tomorrow if we could… But, we will hold off until 31st August so we can say our ‘I do’s’ and have our family there to share that special day with us. Please vote for Lauren & Billy!”


Read Lauren + Billy’s story. To vote for Lauren + Billy, head to the app on our Facebook page using this link.
How to vote:
To vote for your favourite couple, head to the app on our Facebook page using this link.
Voting only takes place via the Facebook app. Votes left as comments on the blog or on Facebook will not be counted.
Only one vote per person – users and votes are verified by our clever Facebook app.
Voting closes at 12 noon BST on Wednesday, 7th May 2014. Votes will be verified and the winner will be contacted by Friday 9th May 2014.


The We Fell In Love City Chic Wedding Team Are:

Venue – Arta Glasgow
Stationery – JeT’adore Bespoke Wedding Stationery
Wedding dress – Anais Bridal Couture
Photography – Chantal Lachance-Gibson Photography
Cinematography – Gryffe Wedding Films
Flowers – Mood Flowers
Bridal Accessories – Corrine Smith Design
Cake – Liggy’s Cakes
Styling – Make Believe Events
Day time music – Capella
Entertainment – 21cc Fireworks