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Five Things

To Do On Your

Wedding Day

Wedding planning is all about making sure your day is every bit as perfect as possible. Whether you’re planning a big wedding, or an intimate gathering; a lavish celebration, or a personalised DIY inspired day, then we think these five tips are great to follow.

Beach Photographs

1. Plan a Chilled Morning. Chances are you’ll be up with the lark, so why not plan in an early morning walk or run? Somewhere where you can get lots of fresh air and enjoy some time to yourself. If you’re anywhere near a beach or a hill then pop on the trainers and head out.
When you’re back with a clear head, put your watch away and let everyone else do their jobs. With your top bridal party team and trusted wedding suppliers around you, take comfort that you’re in safe hands. This is when you get to enjoy the day you’ve planned for months…

Time to drink champagne and dance on the table

2. Drink Plenty of Water. Champagne is always good to get the celebrations in full swing, but remember to keep yourself hydrated. You’re probably not normally on the bubbles quite so early! That, and as the couple who’ve made it all happen, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time chatting to your friends and family. So make sure you’re never too far away from a glass of water.

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3. Take Some Mental Snapshots. During the ceremony, reception, meal, or the dancing, pause and take time to look around and soak it all in. These are your guests. You’ve brought everyone together. It’s a unique part of your history, and while the photographs will tell the story, you should take time just to ‘be’ in the middle of it all.

Wedding canapés KP_SOM_227

4. Enjoy Your Canapés. You did the menu tasting and carefully selected the tasty treats for your guests. You should make sure you manage to enjoy them too. A great tip is to ask your wedding co-ordinator to keep a plate especially for you two on standby. It’s these little things that make the difference.

Hopetoun House Wedding
St Andrews Wedding

5. Take Time Out. Take time for you and your other half, away from everyone else. It may be simply a walk to the room during turnaround or taking five minutes after the first few dances to sit back and say hello. Whichever way you do it, remember what your wedding day is all about: the start of your marriage.
These are our top 5 must-dos for your wedding day. Anyone got any others top tips to add? Alie x

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