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Treasure the Dress

Bridal Shoot

Photographed by Tandem Photo

Mud, horses and wedding dresses generally aren’t a great combo, but if you’re going to mix the three you need to do it in style, which is exactly what Lyndsey did. We think she rocked it!

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What inspired you to do the shoot?
I am sure that every bride, like me, never wants to pack away their wedding dress. So I was absolutely thrilled when Audrey suggested a ‘Treasure the Dress’ shoot – my beautiful Pronovias dress wasn’t getting packed away just yet! Audrey knew I had two horses and suggested an afternoon at the stables with Molly and Yogi. I would loved to have had my much beloved horses at the wedding if I could have got away with it, but this was definitely the next best thing.
HOW DID YOU style the shoot?
Audrey had arranged for our wedding florist, Little Botanica, to make a flower crown for the shoot. I had a very classic look on the wedding day so I was excited to try something different.
The flower crown was gorgeous and completely changed the look of the dress.
It was also a good excuse to see my wedding make-up artist Kirsty Geddes again. Kirsty along with my Mum and best friends Claire and Mark joined in and helped make sure Molly and Yogi behaved themselves. I was actually really surprised Molly didn’t protest more than she did. Horses are such unpredictable animals and I had visions of her bucking me off. Luckily, she was on her best behavior..

AudreyRussellLynsey_012 AudreyRussellLynsey_013 AudreyRussellLynsey_014 AudreyRussellLynsey_015 AudreyRussellLynsey_016 AudreyRussellLynsey_017 AudreyRussellLynsey_018 AudreyRussellLynsey_019 AudreyRussellLynsey_020 AudreyRussellLynsey_021 AudreyRussellLynsey_022 AudreyRussellLynsey_023 AudreyRussellLynsey_024 AudreyRussellLynsey_025

What was the most fun bit?
I absolutely loved wearing my dress again – it was just like playing ‘dress up’! So much fun! Of course my husband thought I was completely nuts. It was such a lovely experience and I have Audrey to thank for suggesting it all. I have had Molly for 17 years, since I was 13, so I really will treasure the photographs forever…
Would you recommend a ‘Treasure the Dress’ shoot?
If brides are considering something similar I would definitely encourage it… prolonging that packing away just a little bit longer, and so much fun getting the chance to dress up again!
This shoot not only looks stunning, but I bet it was a whole lot of fun too. So girls, any fun or unusual ideas to get another wear out of your stunning gown? Give us your thoughts! Alie x

Photographer – Audrey Russell from Tandem Photo
Location – Lyndsey’s Parents’ Home
Dress – Pronovias
Flowers and Floral Crown – Little Botanica
Horses – Molly and Yogi (Lyndsey’s own)
Make-up Artist – Kirsty Geddes