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London-based Becky and Rob met at uni and shared their first kiss in the romantic setting of the Underground. Their combined love of travel would add a touch of the exotic to their Scottish castle wedding. Here they paint the picture of their perfect day…

“Welcome, och aye and hello!
This is the story of Becky and her beau,
Becky is a lady with Scottish roots
And Rob’s African-born, sadly English to boot
It all started at Uni.
Rob asked. She said, “No. You’re a floppy haired loony”
8 years later,
Rob’s hair left him, the traitor!
But his friendship with Becky remained.
They first kissed on an underground train.
13 years after they first met,
A windy hill top on the Mongolian steppe.
He grazed his knee,
But it was worth it to see
Becky’s face light up
As Rob produced a ring and a Champagne cup!”

“So now, here we are three months away
From a fairy tale day
Of candles and teal tassels,
Thistles, glens and castles
We’ve travelled far and wide
And our wedding will be inspired
By the places we’ve been
And the people we’ve seen
Tables with quiz games,
Place names and candle flames
Autumn and winter shades, vintage bridesmaids
With whisky and haggis canapés!”

“We’ve been engaged for a year
Drumtochty Castle would provide so much cheer
So readers we beg, make our dream come true
And give our fairy tale wedding a happy ending too!”

We love the poetic sound of Becky and Rob’s travel-themed wedding.

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The WFIL Wedding Final Five are:

Couple One – Becky + Rob
Couple Two – Emily + Rory
Couple Three – Kimberley + Saul
Couple Four – Laura + Stuart
Couple Five – Lois + Matthew