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Wedding Bouquets

If you’re looking for an alternative for your wedding bouquet, then how about having a bouquet made from vintage brooches? You could have one made for you, or even start to collect some of Granny’s heirlooms yourself.

If you love the idea of creating a bouquet that is a little bit different and will last longer than the wedding day, then how about these from Lindsey Hunter at Get Knotted? To find vintage jewellery for the bouquets, Lindsey scours antique markets for unusual pieces. We love the idea that each one will be completely unique and timeless.

Or how about involving your family in collecting their items of jewellery and create your own bouquet? Warning – this is not for the in-experienced crafts person. If you’re not great with a needle and thread yourself then involve family and friends who are. Who knows – you could even make a party of it and get all the girls round…
Are you having a non-traditional wedding bouquet? We’d love to hear about it…