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Wedding dress trends

From colour to a more covered-up look and dresses that can switch up from day to night-time. We caught up with bespoke bridalwear designer, Mette Baillie of Freja Designer Dressmaking to find out what next year’s on trend brides will be wearing.

Pale peachy pinks can complement skin tones (Photos copyright of Blue Sky Photography)
Colour is key

Next summer we’ll be seeing a move away from traditional ivory and white, and towards colour. For those not feeling quite brave enough to opt for a full, coloured dress, adding a touch of colour – perhaps a coloured sash or coloured bow detail – is another way to work this trend. Coloured flowers can be sewn onto dresses, either as a pin-on accessory or embroidered or appliqued on.

“We are working a lot in colour for the spring/summer,” says Mette. “We are doing it in a variety of ways, from pale pink tones and pale blue coloured beading, on top of an ivory base fabric, to piping on a silk jacket or even adding a secret coloured netting underskirt. It’s as if the trend with coloured bridal shoes is now going a bit further. Sometimes it’s a secret hint. Other times, it is full on colour.”

One of the benefits of opting for colour in your wedding dress is that you can you can pick a colour to suit your own colouring. Soft golds and pale peachy pinks are perfect for strawberry blonds and auburn-haired girls, and olive colours look fantastic on girls with darker skin.

“We are also using a few different shades of blues. As well as being a lovely colour, it gives you something blue! The trendsetting designers like Vera Wang went for deep bold reds with feminine cuts and draping. Oscar De La Renta was working more with structured skirts and dramatic detailing, with fitted bodices.”

Another way of bringing on trend colour into your wedding day is to add colour at night time, transforming your dress from having a more formal feel for daytime to a party look.

Colour can be bold or subtle (Photos copyright of First Light Weddings)
Designs are becoming more demure

At this week’s Bridal Market in New York, where top international designers presented their Autumn 2013 collections, US designer Claire Pettibone said that while bridal designs are still very opulent and beautiful, an understated quality and modest feel is coming through.

“Bridal fashion is moving away from the naked look and become more demure,” agrees Mette. “This doesn’t have to mean covering up entirely, but we are now seeing lots of sexy, suggestive layering.”

Long maxi-length dresses with very long trains and long, flowing see-through sleeves, necklines that are sheer and sit high on the neck, and high standing collars, in combination with deep plunging necklines, are key elements of this trend.

“Sleeves are going to be a big hit. They will feature a lot of detail, embroidery and beading, and lovely sheer materials such as tulle, Georgette and chiffons. This will result in timeless and elegant pieces which carry a romantic energy.”

Intricate layering and detail will take over from the vintage look (Photos copyright of First Light Weddings)
Goodbye vintage, hello detail

The new trend of increasing attention to detail will take over from the vintage look we have seen so much of in the last couple of years, predicts Mette. Hand-beading, sequins, lace overlay, floral embroidery and feathers will feature. “Pretty much adornments, in any shape or form.” We will also see more all over pattern, covering both the dress and the veil and sleeves.

Part of this trend is to create texture, which is something that is being seen in all aspects of fashion & design at the moment. Combining materials with different, often opposing, feels and character, and that way creating a textured garment with an interesting, exquisite look is key.

“In bridal fashion, where we (despite the colour trend), mainly work in ivory or very pale colours, texture is very important to create interest and a form of 3D in the garments,” says Mette. “The texture will have different directions, sometimes seen as soft, floaty dresses with ruffles and draping.”

In a continuation to the Grecian dresses we have seen during the last couple of seasons, the cowl neck will still be an important feature in this look.

The other direction of this trend will see a much sharper, futuristic look with “hard shapes” such as one shoulder draping, hard cornering and pointy stitched corners.

The cowl neck is an on trend alternative to the halterneck (Photos copyright of First Light Weddings)
The after party
A fun new trend is the move towards two different looks for the bride – with a more formal feel to the dress for the traditional aspects of the day, and a transformation into an evening look in time for the first dance.

“I really like this, and it’s one of the things that is making me very excited at the moment,” says Mette. “We have requests for more fun elements and party dresses. This trend involves next year’s other key trends, because it often involves some colour, or some of the ‘demure’ elements being removed. Sleeves, a long train and even parts of skirt layers can come off for night time.”

We are loving the injection of colour and the soft romance of next year’s wedding dresses. We would love to hear which of the new bridal trends you will be embracing…
All dresses shown are by Freja Designer Dressmaking.